Bill Hagerty criticizes Biden renting out a calendar drive Withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan

sen. Bill Hagerty criticized Biden for Americans leave in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover on ‘Fox News Live’, say the United States should have not let the timing be determined by a calendar of the withdrawal of the troops.

SENATOR BILL HAGERTY: you know, this is a product of this evacuation die is handled in such a haphazard fashion. I think the Ministry of Foreign Affairs really does not in state is of assess the situation on the ground now because they have been evacuated. However, what has happened is that we left US Citizens behind just as you have noted here and that is extremely concerning. I have just back from a trip to London and to Brussels, meeting with allies in the UK and NATO. We have British citizens die… left behind at. This activity die takes place is not just with Americans but it is also with our allies who Suffering in exactly the same remedy and we have left them in this condition. I mean the frustration die transferring them to me was palpable. Where she it over had was a situation where we left a calendar drive our approach to Afghanistan in place of circumstances on the ground and that produces exactly a situation like the one die you just showed with this lady whose in expectation trying to have a child out and not knowing what her future perhaps. We should never left a calendar drive the. We must not let local domestic politics drive the. That’s the perception overseas. We should drove this based on on the circumstances on the ground and that has not happened here.


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