Bin Laden’s security officer returns in Afghanistan . and a video that documents

Monday, on social media A video has circulated monitoring the return of Muhammad Amin al-Haq, a member of Al Qaeda organization, in the province of Nangarhar, in southeastern Afghanistan, his hometown.

Muhammad Amin al-Haq was reported to be the security officer of the former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden During the presence of questlast in the Tora Bora mountains in eastern Afghanistan.

Pakistan arrested him in 2008, then released in 2011 for lack of prove.

The probability of the return of the base

Interestingly, the rapid changes during the last period in the country, which saw 20 years of the US-led war on terrorism, strongly re-emerged the possibility of the re-emergence of Al-Qaeda, which attacked the United States fiercely l ’11 September 2001.

In this context, Chris Costa, who was a counterterrorism officer in the administration of former US President Donald Trump, said in precedence to the Associated Press: “With the rapid withdrawal of US forces and the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, I think al-Qaeda has an opportunity and will take advantage of this opportunity. “

Al-Qaeda militants in Afghanistan (archive)

Al-Qaeda militants in Afghanistan (archive)

Doubts within the Biden administration

A few days ago, six US officials, current and former, also told Reuters that doubts had begun to increase within the administration of President Joe Biden about Washington’s ability to prevent the return of Al Qaeda organization And other extremists in Afghanistan, in light of the absence of US forces, the departure of reliable partners, the emptying of their prisoners’ prisons by extremists and the Taliban’s control of things.

Al-Qaeda militants in Afghanistan (archive)

Al-Qaeda militants in Afghanistan (archive)

Interestingly, the presence of al-Qaeda has significantly diminished in Afghanistan after 20 years of war on terror, while it is not clear if the organization still has the capacity in a near future of carrying out attacks inside the United States similar to what happened on September 11, 2011.

However, a report issued by the United Nations Security Council last June confirmed that Al-Qaeda leaders are still present. in Afghanistan, along with hundreds of armed elements.

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