Biological weapons in Ukraine .. Russia formally complains to America

Although it has been eight months since Russia first accused the US of funding a biological weapons program in Ukraine, after confirming that he has found prove in Ukrainian laboratories, following the military operation there, Moscow postponed the matter today and renewed the matter.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that it has called on the UN Security Council to launch a UN investigation into Washington’s involvement in the development of biological weapons in Ukraine.

And he stressed in a statement Thursday that Russia had no choice but to file a complaint with the president of the UN Security Council to request an international investigation into US military biological activities on Ukrainian soil, explaining that it had attached the complaint to a draft resolution.

He added that the aim of the research is to develop a mechanism for the hidden spread of deadly pathogens, according to the statement.

This is not the first time

It is not the first time that Moscow has accused America of such actions: shortly after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, which began in late February, Russia has accused the United States of funding a biological weapons program, and has made these allegations repeatedly in UN Security Council meetings.

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He also previously accused the United States in 2018 of secretly conducting biological experiments in a laboratory in Georgia, another former Soviet republic which, like Ukraine, is trying to join NATO and the European Union.

While the United States and Ukraine have denied the existence of laboratories aimed at the production of biological weapons in the country.

dirty bomb

It is interesting to note that these developments took place while, in recent days, Russia repeated before the UN Security Council its accusations that Ukraine had manufactured a “dirty bomb”.

He also said he doubted the ability of the IAEA inspectors to prove otherwise.

While Kiev has completely denied the allegations and the West has threatened Russia if it was used as a policy to justify escalation in the next period.

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