Biomutant 2.02 update distributed – Notes on patch on 7 June

Like us already announced, the new biomutant update was released today. We at Games Guides have the full patch Notes for This update on 7 June

The Biomutant Update 2.02 and now available and can be downloaded. The size of the file on the PS is about 500 MB, it may vary depending on on the platform.

Notes on patch of Biomutation 2.02

PlayStation 4 specifications PlayStation

  • Fixed alignment on memory allocation on some buffers for avoid it blocks

Specific for PC

  • Fixed crash with AMD-based CPUs with built-in graphics.
  • Fixed crash when device the information contains invalid display data on AMD-based CPUs.

Tutorial area

To improve the pace of the prime set off of the game, we have modified the dialogues to make them shorter.
We have also added more enemies and plunder these areas to better represent the experience after in the game.

  • Added more soon enemy dating.
  • Added missing loot in empty trenches outside Jagni fortress.
  • Added object drop chance for Bunker 101 crates.
  • Updated To be consumed preferably by memory for decrease the distance between the Nonos and the tree I thought.
  • Removed some parts of Up-of-Date and deadline dialogues to improve the pace.
  • Multiple removed dialogue snippets to shorten tutorial area length.
  • Removed some parts of Goop and Gizmo dialogues to improve the pace.
  • Multiple removed camera presentations to improve the pace.

Dialogue and narrator

  • Reduced the amount of incomprehensible words spoken before the narrator starts translating.
  • Added dialogue setting switches for “Gibberish” and “Narrator” permitting players to select if they are want to hear the narrator, the nonsense or both when talking to the NPCs.
  • Fixed and meaningless storytelling playing silently and producing an embarrassing pause when each corresponding volume setting is set to 0 instead of skipping the sound entirely.
  • Removed the animation of text delay when it is incomprehensible or narrated disabled.

Difficulty settings

  • Added “Extreme” difficulty setting, where enemy damage e attack rate has further increased.
  • Fixed difficulty settings not applied for already generated enemies.

New game +

  • Opened up all the advantages of the class for NG + games. When starting a NG + game, the player now it will be in able to unlock perks of all classes.


  • Added Motion Blur slider to settings.
  • Thus solved the camera “Auto Adjust> Reader” setting also applies for combat, if turned off the camera I will no longer try to frame enemies while in combat.
  • Fixed depth of Field switching not applied in dialogues.

Items and loot

  • More chance that items found have a level requirements closest to the player’s actual level when found. Players will still be able to find items with higher level requirements, but player level is now taken in consideration.
  • Municipality removed item Loot drops from top tier loot chests.
  • Reduced the amount of healing items that the player will find from the coffers and defeated enemies.
  • Base damage increased by approximately 5% from melee bodies, handles, and add-ons.
  • Base damage reduced by approximately 5% from ranged bodies, muzzles and grips.
  • Fixed resistance statistics that were not applied for created gear when adding add-ons.
  • Reduced gear additional resistance e critical chance bonus.
  • assured that quest reward “Diving helmet” will no longer work drop how random loot.
  • Slots removed from all caps suits.


  • Melee updated sound effects in all the board.
  • Updated frame sound volume of effects
  • Added sound effects for tribe war trebuchet.
  • Updated sounds when the player lands inside the headquarters after being thrown from the catapult.


  • Fixed issue with Abnormally high damage output due to the consumable top mod applying multiple meta damage times during equip and unequip.
  • Fixed ability damage by not being able to inflict critical strokes.
  • Sharpshooter with reduced dead eye perk damage multiplier from 2.0 to 1.25 a ensure which is comparable to other advantages.
  • Disabled end-of-combat slow motion camera for short combat scenarios.
  • Valid corners ground for combat goals for reduce camera movement in combat.
  • Disabled camera watch when it hits characters up in the air.
  • Fixed some cases in which the airstrike did not work complete his last attack. ● Adequate speed of some enemy grab. Now it’s a little bit easier to dodge them in time.
  • Fixed stock attack from younger enemies being too difficult to parry. The parade window is now more consistent e enemies can be offset out of it.
  • All the Sifus and Lupa Lupine tribes in the final meeting now reacts stronger to being parried, allowing players parry and then counterattack.
  • Problems solved with monitoring on Jagni Staff attacks. The first three hits will no longer overrun targets and dodge attack is more reliable.
  • Fixed issue with spawning at times double death particle effects on beaten enemies.
  • Fixed issue with Pichu Nanchuk does not stop its animation.
  • Solved bigger enemies with melee weapons that animate too fast at slow walking speeds.
  • Fixed up hit reactions for Morks to scrum more feasible and satisfactory for use.
  • Fixed issue with dodging shooting while charging no moving the character correctly.
  • Fixed issue with Sometimes the air strike is canceled.
  • Adjusted on range for melee attacks to improve enemy monitoring e reduce it lacks.
  • Fixed issue where the closest scrum gap could sometimes exceed.
  • Fixed backwards attack for crush the resulting weapons in a lack of more of the weather.
  • Modified animations for unarmed and attacks with gloves to be faster.
  • Fixed issue where is the player sometimes it got stuck under bigger enemies after being knocked to the ground.
  • Added ability slip under the legs of titans.
  • Fixed issue where is the player sometimes it got stuck in and enemy after a vault or slip move.
  • Fixed issue where is the player sometimes it got stuck in and enemy after the air attack.
  • Fixed up sound and it rumbles effect for successful parade to improve feedback.
  • Fixed issue where the air strike would be cause enemies to be thrown very far.
  • Improved aim for Jumbo Puff when throwing rocks.

Missions and objectives

  • Fixed game progress not be in able to reach 100% due to unavailability quest been within a single playthrough.
  • Fixed issue with “Back to basics” quest sometimes it is not completed.
  • Tribe war stream adjusted to be more sturdy.
  • Fixed “Old World Gadgets” issue trophy correctly unlocking after finding the old man world gadget.

Corrections of crash

  • Fixed crash when moving objects between areas using Telekinesis.

User interface

  • The new Wung-Fu weapon is now only unlocked when the player has made a new weapon instead of be unlocked when looting a single component. ● Added corrected “fast trip lock message ”when you try to fast traveling by climbing a ladder or falling.
  • Added Mercenary DLC Indicator a main menu.
  • Added dark background to QTE prompts to improve readability on clearer backgrounds.
  • Comic book effects moved in ensure that the counter QTE prompt is visible.
  • Reverse hypoxia warning percent value to be consistent with other areas.
  • Added fade to enemy & friendly scorers at 30m distance for reduce Disorder of the HUD.


  • Remove several area goals from Suburbia, in how much related to Moog quest and I could cause confusion.
  • Replace a pair of NPC tasks that didn’t work as intended.
  • Added missing “No-Rain” volume at the sewer entrance in oil fields to prevent indoor indoor rain effect.
  • Subnautica station is now fully covered by correct post-volume of the process.
  • Improved appearance for indoor puddles.
  • Fixed issue where is the player has been in able to fall through the world in the Myriad of Fortress.
  • Fixed issue where is the player has been in able to fall through the world in an outpost of Ankati.
  • Fixed issue where is it big the oil planes were possible for walk on.
  • Fixed the issue with the presentation of Oil Field Monster camera to be triggered underground.
  • Fixed area aims for Gutway 6G wrong count amount of Superb booty.


  • Disabled fast travel when jumping out of the water.
  • Fixed issue where could the “unspeakable hand” Wung-Fu cause NPC to fall through the water surfaces instead of drowning.
  • Fixed issue with NPC rocket blocked in air after the explosion.
  • Fixed issue with NPC rocket blast particle effects that burst when you are removed.
  • Adapted free fall duration required for It mounts on trigger hard landing.
  • Fixed attribute control labels in puzzles are incorrectly displayed as “Chance to Loot” instead of “Intellect”.
  • Fixed infinity jump while using photo mode.
  • Fixed fireflies not spamming the narrative when caught.
  • Fixed problem with children’s memories auto-complete when opening photo mode.
  • Fixed some doors opening afterwards using photo mode.
  • Fixed issue with village smoke in flames which was sometimes rendered as stripes on AMD GPU.
  • Changed default camera intonation up a bit so it is not positioned directly behind the player
  • Fixed stamina being reset after changing the appearance.

We took ours information from the official website, right here.

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