Bitcoin and Ethereum Users Complain About Rising ‘Ridiculous’ Fees

Bitcoin and Ethereum Users Complain About Rising 'Ridiculous' Fees 101 Source: Adobe/khosrork.

While Bitcoin (BTC) fees keep rising, Ethereum (ETH) fees are also getting moreexpensive


Bitcoin fees have actually been rising following the 3rdhalving On May 12, the typical deal charge reached USD 2.79, the highest in 10 months, leaping even more to USD 5.16 on May14 shows the 7-day moving typical leaping given that May 12’s USD 2.493 to USD 3.088 2 days later on.

In the exact same duration, the mean deal charge climbed 55% – from 1.797 to 2.781 The 7-day moving average shows a boost of 25% to USD 1.814 On April 1, it stood at USD 0.366 and was 395% higher on May 14.

Typical deal charge, USD, 7-day simple moving average

Bitcoin and Ethereum Users Complain About Rising 'Ridiculous' Fees 102 Source:

“This is ridiculous,” commented Redditor ‘miciomacho’. “[Bitcoin] just does not scale. 72 obstructs in mempool & & an average charge of [USD] 3.19 on the second block.” They added that this kind of charge wasn’t deliberate by design, however rather a result of an overcrowded mempool, where all the legitimate deals wait to be verified by the Bitcoinnetwork “By the way, if the mempool keeps being overcrowded the fees will keep rising because people just want priority over others to be confirmed,” the poster stated.

The real cost of a deal on the Bitcoin network has to do with USD 35, argues ‘harfatum’, stating that the majority of of it is supported by block rewards, “but as that diminishes the users will be forced to carry greater amounts of that burden.” Still, some people want to pay higher fees. ‘mysteelersrock82’ thinks this is a “small price you pay for having a truly decentralized network that is also the most secure network on the planet.”

On The Other Hand, “Ethereum transaction fees are ridiculous as well,” says says ‘phillipsjk’. Redditor ‘ma6ic’ also kept in mind the congested deals, arguing that “if the upward trajectory continues and fomo [fear of missing out] sets in, both networks are going to down to a stop.”

Ethereum mean fees have also increased in double digits this month. The 7-day moving average is up by 82%, to USD 0.153 on May14 Because April 1, it leapt by 337%.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Users Complain About Rising 'Ridiculous' Fees 103 Source:


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