“Bitcoin” exceeds 42 thousand dollars and the market earns 120 billion dollars in hours

The uncertainty that dominates the markets, especially after the US central bank’s decision to move interest rates for the first time since 2018, has reinforced the dominance of the color green on trading platforms. trading of cryptocurrencies during the last few sessions.

While expectations pointed to the continued rise of digital currencies led by “Bitcoin”, but market-faced allegations that it could be used by Russia to breach the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia, led the market to suffer losses that prompted “Bitcoin” at $ 37,000 in the past few days, however, the market has quickly recovered and has made significant gains in the past 72 hours.

According to the CoinMarketCap platform, the combined market value of digital currencies has jumped in the past 72 hours, by 6.7%, to gain about $ 120 billion in market value, after rising from $ 1,788.4 billion in trading on Thursday. last, at $ 1,908.4 of Sunday morning trading.

At the forefront of currencies in the rise was the “Bitcoin” currency, the most powerful and widespread in the cryptocurrency market, in it recorded a 4.3% increase, winning around $ 1,755, after its price went from $ 40,508 to about $ 42,263.

Its combined market value also jumped 4.4%, winning about $ 34.3 billion, after rising from the $ 769 billion level to $ 803.3 billion, gaining a 42.09% market share of the total market. It also captured around 28.5% of the market’s total earnings over the past three sessions.

The “Ether” coin, which ranked second among the largest digital currencies by market value, recorded a 10% increase, earning around $ 273, after its price jumped from $ 2,686 to around $ 2,959. Its combined market value jumped 10.2%, winning about $ 33 billion, rising from $ 322.4 billion to about $ 355.4 billion, acquiring 18.62% of the total market and raising about 27, 5% of total market earnings.

While the “Tezr” and “USD” currencies stabilized at the $ 1 level, their combined market value stabilized at the $ 80.45 and $ 52.89 billion levels, respectively.

The “BNP” currency, which ranked fifth, recorded an increase of 1.4% in the last hours, compared to a 7% weekly increase, trading today at 402.12 dollars. It also increased its total market value to approximately $ 66.44 billion.

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