Bitcoin price rises to the highest level in a month

The price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency rose during trading on Tuesday, leaving the trading range for almost a month.

The price of the largest digital currency rose today by 9.1% to $23,439 per one, the highest level since mid-June, that is, before the collapse of the cryptocurrency lending company Celsius Network.

The price of the smaller digital currency Ethereum also surged by about 11% in a single trading moment, while Solana’s shares surged more than 10% before bouncing back in trading.

And the Bloomberg news agency pointed out that Bitcoin fluctuated for a month between $19,000 and $22,000 per unit, in light of investors trying to heal their wounds and make up for their losses as a result of monetary tightening before the crisis of the collapse of the Celsius companies. ” and “Terra” came in May last year.

Bitcoin hit an all-time high last November, around $62,000 per unit.

Source: agencies