Bitten seven times, still not shy

Mirzapur (UP), April 28 (IANS) The popular proverb says, “Once bitten twice shy” but Bablu, a resident of Mirzapur district, has been bitten seven times and is still not shy.

About seven months ago, Bablu was working in the fields when he was attacked by a pair of snakes.

In self-defence he attacked the snakes and killed one of them with his sickle.

Since then, he has been bitten seven times by the other snake and what is more surprising is that he survived all the bites.

“Whenever I am working in the fields alone, I feel a sting and then realise that I have been bitten again by the snake. It is probably the same snake but it slithers away before I can see or catch it,” he said.

Ramai, a local snake catcher, said that the surviving snake is apparently seeking revenge for the death of its mate.

“The snake is seemingly old and does not have venom left in its fangs. It still wants to avenge the death of its partner,” he informed.

Those who work as labourers with Bablu have now asked him to perform puja to appease the snake but Bablu said he cannot afford the cost.

“If I have to die, I will. I killed the snake in self-defence and I do not regret it,” he said.

A district official, meanwhile, said that the snake was probably of a non-venomous specie and that explains why Bablu has survived.