Blac Chyna’s photo with granddaughter Dream Kardashian in front of huge Christmas tree has impressed fans

Blac Chyna shared a photo featuring Dream Kardashian and herself in front of a dream Christmas tree, and the fans were really impressed and happy to see the beautiful scenery. Check out the photo below.

Someone commented: “I am running away from all my problems” and another disciple said to Chyna: “Merry Christmas to you and yours !!! Mrs. Claus, I was really nice !!! ???? ’

A fan posted this: “She was like paparazzi nop no pics another” and another follower sprang from the little girl Dream: “She is growing up so fast ???????????? Merry Christmas to you guys.”

Chyna also shared images showing her bare skin and showed fans the product to use to achieve flawless skin: “

“Happy Holidays” the glow is real … No makeup thanks to @organicskinlightener! Look at their results! This product changes the game !! If you know you know, bring the new year with new skin !! Use the code “Xmas2019” to get a discount ????✨ # realresults # organicskinlightener # holidayspecials. “

As you probably expected, it sparked a debate in the comments about whether or not to use skin lighteners.

Someone said, “ She looks really good without makeup and I wanted to try this, but I don’t want my face to be lighter, I just want my dark spots to lighten ????????‍♀️ ‘ and another follower posted this: “ Say no to ladies’ lighters … You are all beautiful faults.


Not long ago, Chyna revealed how she kicks the cravings for her vacation.

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