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Black Love: Here’s how 10 black married / engaged men knew their wives were “the only ones”


TSR Black Love: Is anyone looking for love in the new year or maybe this decade? If this is one of the things you plan to manifest this year but have trouble finding inspiration, look no further.

I know 2019 seemed like sort of a dud for relationships, but there really is love out there and if you’re an unbeliever, then why not hear about it from real men that love exists in fact.

We asked 10 men why they chose their wife as their wife. Their raw responses will show you that it’s almost never superficial.

Take some handkerchiefs, get inspired and SWEEP to see that Black Love is still alive in 2020!

Ahmad and Taisha Sweeney

“I knew my wife was the one when I saw her. I know it sounds cliché but it’s the truth. When I saw her for the first time, I went upstairs and introduced myself and after about 5 minutes of conversation, I told her that she would be my wife. We went out together for about a year before we got married. That year, I saw someone who had the characteristics I wanted in a spouse. Loving, intelligent, Christian, family oriented and someone who matched my motivation and wanted to accomplish great things. 7 years and 3 children later, I couldn’t be happier to know where we are and what we have in store for the future. “

Marcel & Crystal Scruggs

“I never courted a woman the way I walked my wife. After months of perseverance, she finally allowed me to make an appointment and our 4 hour conversation blew me away! She asked “How big is my faith” … something no one had ever asked me and it quickly intrigued me. All of her mental, physical, professional and spiritual intellect was from Proverbs 31. My real revelation was her active relationship with God and at that time I knew she was my wife. (Proverbs 31: 30-32) ”

Dennis and Alana Dunkley

“She spent months finding my mother’s lost burial site and when we went to see her, she wrote a letter to my mother explaining her love for me.”

Pierre & Cedya

“One day it seemed like my prayers had been answered. It was the day she fell on me at a party. What seemed so hard and painful at first became everything I hoped for. Our lives quickly became tangled, being inseparable was an easy task.

She brought color to my life…

She helped me choose the sweet of the bitter and savor the moment. She showed me how to take things lightly, helped me hover over my worries. She helped me spread my wings. She knew my thoughts before I spoke, the questions answered before being asked. That’s when I knew she was my wife !! Now that we are there, blessed again together, our story has begun. If the next chapter in our life is as good as that, I will love it forever, on which I know it can count. Because she is my West Indian queen, she is my inspiration, the love of my life. “

Jonathan and Tahirah Fuller

“I knew she was my wife soon after we started dating. We were both so open, honest about what we both wanted in a relationship, and determined to make a real effort to nurture our minds. I made sure that I did everything I could to treat her like a queen, regardless of our status, because I knew that the end goal was marriage. ”

Teslim & Chibuzo

“I don’t really think there was a specific time when I realized that I wanted to marry my wife. It was just a nice progression built on a solid foundation of friendship. We became friends in high school almost 15 years ago and stayed in touch after we graduated. 6 years ago we started dating and we got married last year

So how did I know it was her? Aside from the most obvious aspects of who she is – an incredible, kind, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, charming and versatile woman; it was her laughter that drew me to her and which is in fact the basis of our friendship. It sounds basic, but it’s true. Our friendship was built on shared joy; she made fun of most of my jokes, we teased each other all the time and we really enjoyed each other’s company. Over the years, we have comforted each other and we have realized that we can cope and go through life stronger because, whatever happens, we both knew that a smile, a loving voice and a lot of laughs were just a Skype call or plane ticket away (we dated long distance for 5 years until we got married). She is always happy and I knew that I needed her beautiful smile and her laughter in my life. I knew that from the first day I made her laugh at one of my silly jokes. “

Demetrius and Daziah

“I knew it was her when I realized that there was no one with whom I preferred to share the rest of my life. We have had their ups and downs for sure, but she is my best friend. She challenges, she motivates and helped me become a better man and that is important. “

Cory and Leah Dixon

I was captivated the first time I saw Leah. She radiated beauty from the inside. God shone a spotlight on her that I couldn’t ignore. I finally asked for her number. I called the next day and we talked for hours, but it sounded like minutes. Between us there was an indescribable sense of honesty, vulnerability, transparency and peace. I knew then that it was the beginning of something real. I knew she would be my wife.

Akeem & Melissa

“I knew it was Melissa because my mind was always instantly at peace when I was with her. It’s a difficult feeling to describe, but I felt it with each hug, each kiss, and I still feel it today when I look it in the eyes. “

Anjola & Temwa

“Well, the simple answer to the question is that there was never any question of love at first sight. It all started as a friendship when we met at uni, which created a very useful basis for an honest relationship where we were both able to be ourselves and very honest with our expectations and beliefs without any fear.

I lost my mom about 4 years ago. I have four brothers, so my relationship with my mother was very important and this loss bothered me in every way. I was questioning everything and wanted to isolate myself but she literally gave up everything she was doing and drove from university to my hometown to be with my family and me. She came without any thought of all of her personal responsibilities, including the fact that it was the last year and that there was a dissertation due, she didn’t even have a change of clothes but she stayed. We prayed every day and his presence encouraged me throughout this period and honestly, words cannot explain how much his actions have helped me, but I promised myself from then on. that I would do whatever was necessary to keep it. I think I did it. “

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