Black Widow’s new companion is stuck with his powers

ATTENTION: the following contains important spoilers for Black Widow # 10, available now from Marvel.

Ever since I was forced to give up the only normality family that she has ever known, Natasha Romanoff dived deeply in she work like a hero. Thankfully, Black Widow still has some in abundance of people Next to her who Power help her when she needs it most. Lucy, Natasha’s unexpected companion, proved particularly well adept to save the day thanks to its brand new superpowers. Unfortunately the lightning in its veins are also ready to take Lucy’s life, and she can’t give it up until Apogee was taken down.

Natasha and Yelena Belova have a once upon a time again caught up to Apogee only to find themselves widely in outnumbered and undersized in the face of his cult-like followers known as the Oil. While the widows do theirs best to handle the threat at hand, Craig and Lucy are busy back to the Web preparing to join the fray too. Craig, a young scientist who was once part of the same oil has finally developed an antidote to the serum that Apogee is distributing. With that, the two heroes in grass do theirs way at Apogee’s lair to end his reign of terror once and for All. Not only that, but Lucy can be cured of the powers they promise to kill if she continues using they.

Black Widow # 10 by Kelly Thompson, Elena Casagrande, Rafael De Latorre, Elisabetta D’Amico, Jordie Bellaire and Cory Petit from VC sees Lucy’s journey to become a full- full-fledged hero take another major step when he refuses treatment until the job is done. From where you see it, it isn’t there good reason for her to give up the powers they have already saved lives as long as he has the immediate opportunity to continue that trend. This is not the first time that Lucy has put on in damage way in to do the right thing, even if the knowledge that using his powers could end his life paints everything in a chilling new light. It looks like Lucy is main the motivation went further just taking revenge on apogee e instead now he wants to do the same good like possible with what he has. it’s not a decision that Craig can agree with, nor is it one that the Widows applauded, but it is one this is easy to understand.

With any luck, this won’t turn out be a death phrase for Lucia. Although she can avoid using his powers to the point of hurt yourself, there is still the fact who is walking straight in the middle of a firefight with Apogee itself. Assuming it survives the experience, there is good reason believe that Lucy will become one more fixed appointment in Black Widow’s life as the hero he is clearly meant to be.

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