Blake Lively Finally Reacted To Chatter Lady’s Identity in the Funniest Method

Blake Lively just weighed in on Chatter Lady‘s most significant debate. (Significant spoiler ahead.)

If you’re merely finding out that Dan was Chatter Female the whole time, you’re not alone. Due To The Fact That the series now lives permanently on streaming, people are either seeing it for the really first time or examining it in all its soapy greatness. They’re determining entertaining design minutes, sussing out connection errors, and making memes– one which captured Lively’s attention.

” We viewed the whole series to find out it’s Dan,” the meme checksout It’s a simple nevertheless traditional message; we disliked this expose back in 2012, when the series ending aired, and still do now. The Bright Side Is, Dynamic (a.k.a. Serena van der Woodsen) is here to sympathizewith us

” YOU’RE surprised,” she added to the meme on her Instagram Stories in late October. “Picture how the authors felt.” Burn.


I show … she’s notwrong Back in 2019, GG author and executive producer Joshua Safran exposed the authors sort of had no principle who the program’s titular writer really was. “Among the writers recognized that Nate had actually never sent a suggestion into Chatter Girl, which holds true at least through completion of season five,” Safran gone over at Vulture Celebration, per Refinery 29 “Nate never sent out in a pointer through all of those episodes, which is when we’re like, ‘Oh, well then he’s Chatter Girl.'”

Nevertheless in an uncommon twist, GG was exposed to be Dan (Penn Badgley). No one was more puzzled by this than Badgley himself. “I was very shocked. We were all surprised,” he informed HuffPost Reside in2013 “I didn’t know. I didn’t discover until right before we shot the last episode … It technically does not make good sense for anyone to be Chatter Woman. I would have enjoyed it if there had actually been a million flashes of whenever he had looked at his mobile phone and was like receiving some blast from Chatter Lady and being blown away from it.”

Badgley reiterated this point 2 years in the future. “It does not make good sense at all,” the star notified People “It would not have actually made sense for anybody. Chatter Woman doesn’t make sense!”

It appears Blake Lively concurs. Preferably the authors have a more strong strategy participating in the Chatter Woman reboot.


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