Blake Shelton and diva Gwen Stefani take their romance to a new level – fans wonder, what’s next?

After several years of loving relationships, Blake Shelton and his long-time girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, decided to take serious steps together.

The influential couple released their romance at the end of 2015 following Gwen’s divorce, Gavin Rossdale, and the separation of Miranda Lambert and Blake.

While fans were wondering since the first day, when will they become engaged, the singers seemed to focus more on family life.

A source told Hollywood Life that Gwen and Blake have finally decided to settle together in a luxury house in California.

The Voice coaches pooled their resources and bought a house in Los Angeles together.

The insider said, “They moved in together not so long ago and are very happy in their new home. They are very satisfied with the status of the relationship and do not feel the need to get married anytime soon. However, no one would be shocked if they get engaged any time soon. “

The knowledgeable person also spoke about Blake’s relationship with Gwen’s children – Kingston, age 13, Zuma, age 11, and Apollo, age 5: “The house was a great commitment to both of them, and they are very, very good. happy live there. Gwen loves to cook, so she loves to have dinner there. Blake has taken on the role of a second father figure in Gwen’s boys, who really respect them. It now fits everything for boys, especially now that they are under the same roof. It was a big but good step for them. Living together makes it easier for them as a couple because they are always together, anyway. “

Recently, the artists sat> The Kelly Clarkson Show for a candid interview and the diva opened on their love affair and their stay in the wild in Oklahoma with the country’s star.

The mother of three shared: “I remember the first time I went to Oklahoma with my family. We are like in Anaheim and we have never seen trees before. We were like, “Wow, it’s like crazy.” And we’re like driving and Blake in his truck, and there’s a tree that was like shot down on the road. ”

Some fans still believe Gwen’s fingers and hope the marriage proposal will be presented around Christmas.


Some say that a marriage in the near future is still unlikely.

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