Blizzard Entertainment Announces Release Date for Warcraft Rumble in Conjunction with BlizzCon 2023

Blizzard Entertainment Announces Warcraft Rumble Release Date


Blizzard Entertainment has set a release date for Warcraft Rumble. Originally known as Warcraft Arclight Rumble when it was first announced in May 2022, the game will be available for iOS and Android devices on November 3, 2023.

The launch of Warcraft Rumble will coincide with the long-awaited return of BlizzCon, which will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center in California from November 3-4. This will be the convention’s first in-person event since 2019.

A New Warcraft Game for Mobile

Blizzard describes Warcraft Rumble as “the first Warcraft game built from the ground up for mobile.” Players will have the opportunity to build and lead miniature armies consisting of their favorite heroes, villains, and creatures from the Warcraft universe.

The game features legendary characters like Jaina Proudmoore, Grommash Hellscream, Hogger, and more. With a variety of gameplay modes available, players can put their strategy skills to the test in solo missions or face off against other players.

In the massive single-player campaign, each mission presents a distinct strategic puzzle to solve. For players seeking more challenges, there are also player-versus-player systems, deadly Dungeons, and various other gameplay modes suitable for all skill levels.

Chris Metzen Returns as Warcraft’s Executive Creative Director

Last week, Blizzard announced that studio veteran Chris Metzen has taken on the role of Warcraft’s executive creative director. Metzen was part of the original team that worked on the Warcraft universe when it was first introduced in 1994.

Metzen had previously spent 23 years with the company before retiring in 2016, but he rejoined as a creative advisor for Warcraft’s leadership in the past year. His primary focus now is to support the development of World of Warcraft’s “next generation of adventures.” More updates regarding this will be shared at BlizzCon.

Changes in the Hearthstone Team

In addition to the recent announcements, Blizzard has reportedly let go of 10 employees from its Hearthstone team, according to sources. Despite these changes, the company remains committed to delivering exciting gaming experiences for its players.

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