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"blood moon" The first role of autumn decorates the sky on Sunday night, coinciding with a special phenomenon

A full moon will appear in the sky on Sunday, October 9, the first full moon of autumn, known as the “hunter’s moon” and sometimes the “blood moon.”

The full moon will appear opposite the sun in the sky at 4:55 pm EDT (2055 GMT) on Sunday.

While it won’t be a “supermoon,” an unscientific term referring to full moons that occur when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth, this full moon is interesting in that it is the first after the autumnal equinox on September 20, as it also coincides with the Meteoritic event. a rain of Dragons will brighten the skies from October 8th to 10th.

The October Full Moon will be 98% lit on the evening of Saturday, October 8, and will reach its peak on the evening of Sunday, October 9, when it will also be 100% full.

The October full moon is called the “hunting moon” because its bright light makes it easier for hunters to prey before the lean months of winter, and also helps farmers who work at night to harvest.

While the hunter’s moon is the most well-known nickname for the October full moon, it also has other nicknames, including “optimistic moon” or “blood moon,” according to the almanac of ancient farmers and Native American tribes.

NASA’s Science Blog notes that the term “blood moon” may be “associated with blood during hunting or leaf discoloration in autumn.”

NASA says two other nicknames sometimes used for the October full moon are the “traveling moon” and the “dying grass moon.”

Source: Independent


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