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"blue shark" Introduced futuristic warship that uses stealth technology and is environmentally friendly

The French naval group has unveiled its “Fighting Ship Concept of the Future” at Euronaval, calling it the “Blue Shark”.

The ship, 160 meters long and weighing 5,500 tons, will be developed by a group of researchers and developers in Naval GroupFrench industrial group specializing in maritime defense and marine renewable energy, led by marine engineer Adeline Konin.

.@next group reveals #BlueShark “eco-“responsible” ship concept in #Euronaval2022

➡️ “Blue for high ecological technologies integrated and share because it first and above all combat vessel”https://t.co/3h7aWEpsZE

— Naval News (@navalnewscom) October 19, 2022

With Blue Shark, the company offers an evolutionary vision of a fast, stealthy, efficient and sustainable warship that can be integrated into joint navies while providing a reduced environmental impact, thus Blue Shark is environmentally designed for maritime operations.

In particular, the stealth ship is designed for warfare with technological innovation and low environmental impact. This is a new generation combat ship that can be integrated into the combined naval forces.

The company explains that “Blue” refers to integrated green technologies with low environmental impact, while “Shark” reflects a first-class combat ship that fits the frigate’s mission profile.

The Blue Shark is part of a naval force equipped with both offensive and defensive weapons and capable of fighting all types of drones.

The stealthy Blue Shark does not require special maintenance and can therefore operate in all seas for several months with minimal maintenance, and can also operate in harsh sea conditions due to its stable multi-hull main hull (the hull is the main hull of the boat and does not include sail, engine or oars and has a sealed housing (waterproof).

The hydrodynamic performance of the Blue Shark is largely dependent on its design to reduce the drag of the vessel by half, maximum stability and a low acoustic signature.

It allows the use of composite materials to equip the interior of the ship, which helps to increase the tightness of communications equipment.

Blue Shark has advanced operational capabilities such as high combat performance, high radar stealth technology and the ability to shoot down the fleet of drones on board. The ship complies with international environmental regulations, and about 20 advanced environmental technologies are used to manage waste treatment systems.

Naval Group experts note that their design reduces CO2 emissions by at least half compared to current frigates. Emphasizing that Blue Shark can combine the highest combat performance and environmental conservation.

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