Boat carrying 91 migrants goes missing in Mediterranean

A rubber rowboat loaded with 91 migrants and refugees that set out from Libya with hopes of reaching Europe appears to have actually gone missing in the Mediterranean, the UN migration company stated on Thursday.

The inflatable boat carrying primarily African migrants left from al-Qarbouli, 50 km (30 miles) east of the capital, Tripoli, on February 8, stated Osman Haroun, whose cousin was on board.


  • 8 individuals pass away at sea in 24 hours while attempting to reach Spain

  • 300 migrants saved off Spain over two-day Christmas duration

  • Lots of migrants missing off Canary Isles 

He has actually not spoken with the 27- year-old Mohamed Idris, or his 10 other pals likewise on the boat, because.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of this happening,” Haroun informed The Associated Press by phone from the western seaside district of Zawiya, where he has actually coped with his family because getting away the conflict-ridden Darfur area of Sudan in 2016.

“Those who set out you usually hear from within a few hours … no one has even seen the boat’s remains.”

News of the missing boat comes amidst criticism of an absence of European Union rescue objectives in the Mediterranean Sea.

Member countries concurred previously today to end an anti-migrant smuggler operation including just monitoring airplane and rather release military ships to focus on promoting an extensively flouted UN arms embargo that is thought about crucial to unwinding Libya’s unrelenting war.

Alarm Phone, a crisis hotline for migrants in need of rescue at sea, drew attention on Thursday to what it called “an invisible shipwreck,” advising Libyan, Italian and maltese authorities to share details about the day’s rescue objectives.

It stated a black rubber boat with 91 individuals on board, apparently coming from Sudan, Niger, Iran and Mali, called the hotline in distress at 3: 30 am on February 9.

The guests handled to share their GPS collaborates minutes later on, which put them in international waters north of Libya.

Alarm Phone passed the SOS to Maltese and italian authorities and to the Libyan coast guard, an EU-trained force criticised by human rights groups, which patrols Mediterranean intercepts and waters migrants to keep them from reaching European coasts.

The Libyan coast guard took 5 hours to react to Alarm Phone’s immediate demand, and stated it dispatched 2 ships to look for the missing vessel, without offering proof.

Alarm Phone lost contact with the boat more than 2 hours later on, when it heard individuals panicking, stating the engine had actually stopped working. Migrants were slipping into the sea, they informed the hotline, as water flooded the diminishing rowboat.

“For sure something bad has happened,” stated Haroun.

The International Company for Migration cross-checked search and rescue records from Italy, Malta, Libya and the non-governmental Aita Mari rescue ship, however might not match the missing migrant boat with any current interceptions or saves.

Italian, Libyan and maltese authorities did not react to demands from The Associated Press for details about their saves.

Frontex, the EU border company, stated it released an airplane to look for the missing boat. Authorities have likewise yet to react to demands advance by Alarm Phone on Monday. Both Alarm Phone and the IOM state they fear the worst.

“Tragically, the last hypothesis is that this could be another invisible shipwreck,” stated Marta Sánchez, a project officer with IOM’s Missing Migrants project who took a look at the records.

Sánchez stated the IOM would wait a couple of days prior to formally tape-recording the 91 individuals as missing, to see if any stays show up.

The IOM tally of “ghost boats” lost in the Mediterranean Sea has actually been increasing. In 2015, the company recorded 7 missing vessels carrying 417 individuals, a four-fold boost from the year prior to.

The migration company sources its information from non-government organisations and statement from households, and cross-references the reports versus records of tried crossings, interceptions and saves.

Haroun, 29, stated he and his cousin had actually consistently attempted and stopped working to cross the Mediterranean throughout their years in Libya.

As the North African nation came down into turmoil following the 2011 uprising that fell and eliminated long time leader Muammar Gaddafi, it ended up being a sanctuary for smugglers transporting African migrants to European coasts.

The trip is dangerous, frequently painful. Since last October, approximately 19,000 migrants have actually drowned or vanished on the sea path because 2014, according to the IOM.

Each time Haroun and Idris set out, the coastguard by force returned them to war-ravaged Libya. In 2020 alone, 1,700 individuals have actually been revived, according to the IOM, frequently landing in squalid militia-run detention centres swarming with abuse and abuse.

Haroun paid 1,500 Libyan dinars (some $1,000) in advance to smugglers, and bade his cousin goodbye, picturing he would join his 4 loved ones who have actually crossed the sea and began brand-new lives in England and France.

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