Boeing enters the flying taxi market with a $ 450 million investment

Flying taxi company Wisk Aero announced it has secured a $ 450 million investment from Boeing in commercial aviation.

Wisk is a player in electric vertical takeoff and landing or EVTOL technology. This technology basically powers auto flying and will one day launch this service to the public.

Small flying taxis are quieter than helicopters. Less noise, along with lower costs and improvements in software flight control, could allow the new market to expand on a large scale and in the short term.

Wisk is also investing in software and technology to bring flying taxis closer to driving.

“With this investment, we reaffirm our confidence in Wisk’s business and the importance of its work in testing fully electric, AI-powered, autonomous capabilities for the aerospace industry,” said Mark Allen, chief strategic officer. by Boeing.

Wisk has completed more than 1,500 test flights and will use part of Boeing’s money to start production of Wisk aircraft.

These vehicles will become the first passenger vehicles to drive, but did not specify a date for the launch of the sixth-generation “Whisk” passenger car.

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