Boeing raises forecasts for aircraft demand

Boeing revised its forecast for long-term aircraft demand upward as commercial flights resumed in markets including the United States, softening the gloomy outlook at the height of last year’s coronavirus closings.

The US aircraft manufacturer, which dominates aircraft sales with the European Airbus, expects to deliver 43,610 commercial aircraft over the next 20 years, worth 7.2 trillion, 500 units in more than the 43,110 planes predicted a year ago.

In the shortest term, i.e. within ten years, which is most affected by the serious repercussions of the pandemic on airlines, Boeing expects to deliver 19,330 aircraft, in increase from the previous year’s forecast of 18,350 aircraft, citing Reuters.

The 10-year outlook is 6% lower than the forecasts published in 2019, but the decline from pre-pandemic levels is less than 11% a year ago.

“One of the main reasons for trust is how quickly we have seen the resumption of domestic travel over the past 12 months,” Boeing Chief Strategy Officer Mark Allen told reporters.

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