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Bolsonaro supporters protest, block dozens of highways in Brazil

Brazil suddenly found itself almost paralyzed and dismembered after thousands of supporters of outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro cut off 227 major roads within it, including highways, which stretch between major cities and states. in a sign of protest against his defeat in the second round of elections which took place last Sunday, and his left opponent, “Luis Inacio Lula da Silva”, who conquered the first position, came out.

Bolsonaro remained in silence after announcing the result late on Sunday evening, until he left the presidential palace in the capital, Brasilia, and delivered a speech before the media gathered on Tuesday afternoon, in to which he thanked the 58 million Brazilians who voted for him and announced that he would “respect all the rules of the constitution”. Him without directly admitting defeat, but he said, according to what is heard in the video presented by “Al Arabiya.net”Below:“ It is a great honor to be the leader of millions of Brazilians who defend religious and economic freedom, ”as he said.

The far right added in its speech, which lasted less than two minutes: “Our strong representation in Congress represents our values, which are God, homeland and family.” 49.1% for Bolsonaro, 10 years younger than his opponent of 76 years.

As for his supporters, some of whom are blocking roads and setting up barriers on them, it is the truck drivers who have stopped them, according to reports. in on the blocking of traffic within them, shortly after the announcement of the election results in 24 out of 24 the 26 states that make up the “Amazonian country” with an area of ​​over 8 1.5 million square kilometers, with a population of over 217 million.

Thousands of dollars in fines

Yesterday, the Federal Traffic Police reported 342 road cuts, according to the video shown, despite the warning from the authorities that they will impose a fine of 100,000 Brazilian riyals, equal to $ 19,300 per hour, to each driver. the states of southern Brazil, which caused a strong disturbance, impacting in particular on food supply.

Fears also began to arise that Bolsonaro would complicate the two-month transition period, before the president-elect was sworn in on the first day of January following, with statements returning to memory. in hostile style he had previously done, including “God alone is in able to remove me from my position. “In addition to the insinuations he made before the election, in which he put in doubt the voting system, indicating that he may refuse to transfer power to his opponent, due to the illegality of his election victory for some reason.

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