bomb attacks military bus in Syrian capital, killing 14

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) – Two bombs die were attached to a bus met Syrian troops exploded in Damascus during the morning rush hour Wednesday, killing 14 people and injure others, a military official said.

It was the deadliest attack in Damascus in several years, and especially rare since government troops in 2018 conquered suburbs die ever in were hands of insurgents in Ten years of conflict in Syria.

Stands media had previously described attack like a roadside bomb. But an unnamed Syrian military official said the explosions were… caused by bombs die rather on the vehicle’s exterior. A third bomb fell from the bus and was dismantled by troops after the first two explosions, the official said.

new one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but insurgents and jihadists still live within national borders and strive to overthrow of President Bashar Assad.

It was unclear of the bombs had exploded from a distance of if they had been in time to go off. The military official, quoted in stands media, said the bombs went off shortly before 7 a.m. local time. It wasn’t right away clear if all dead were bus passengers.

The explosion went off at a busy intersection in the Syrian capital, near a main bus transfer point under a bridge die known as President’s Bridge. Commuters get together and head out to different parts of the capital and its suburbs of the area.

Syrian state television showed images of the charred bus and said the blast happened when… people on the way to work and school. Images showed smoke from the extinguished bus rising if soldiers hosed off down the charred one vehicle. A puddle of water formed under the bridge, where photos of Assad were posted on the walls. Spectators gathered on the bridge to watch as traffic seemed to be returning to normal.

More than an hour after the blast happened, workers cleared the scene of the explosion and the burnt out bus was removed.

“It is a cowardly act,” Damascus police commander Major General Hussein Jumaa told state television. force had dropped off off the area immediately and made sure There were no more bombs. He insisted people to inform authorities over any suspicious object they see.

Jumaa said one of the wounded had succumbed to his injuries later Wednesday and raised the death toll until 14.

Assad’s forces now control a lot of Syria na military help of its allies Russia and Iran helped tip the balance of power in his favor.

An of the last take big explosions place in Damascus wax in 2017 — then suicide bombers hit a judicial office building and a restaurant, killing almost 60 people. The attacks were claimed by Islamic State group militants. the extremist organization lost its territorial hold in Syria in 2019, but it continues to pose a threat with sleep cells, usually hidden in The vast desert of Syria.

Some areas are still occupied by armed opposition in the countries north, where are US and Turkish also deployed.

Syria’s conflict that began in March 2011 has left more than 350,000 people dead and displaced half the countries population, including five million who are refugees in Abroad.

In August, the state of Syria media said short circuit triggered an explosion in the gas tank of a bus die transports soldiers, killing one and injured three.

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