Bombing of civilian homes by the Houthis in Al-Dhalea, in southern Yemen

This Thursday evening, the Houthi terrorist militia shelled, with artillery, the homes of citizens in the Maris area, north of the Al-Dhalea Governorate, in southern Yemen.

A source on the ground confirmed that the militia shelling was on the village of Al-Juruf, north of thearea of Murays, indicating that an artillery shell landed on the house of a citizen named Muhammad Qayed Al-Shenna, causing no injuries.

He explained that the shelling caused terror among the residents of the house and neighboring houses, most of whom were women and children, noting that the militias launched their shelling from their positions in thearea by Al-Arfaf.

Iranian-backed militia continuously shelled Murays villages with artillery and drones, causing civilian casualties.

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