Borderlands 3 releases Takedown at the Guardian Breach, rebalanced Mayhem 2.0 – Patch notes

Borderlands 3 has actually revealed its new takedown, which is set to release on June 11, at 12 pm PST. At 9am PST, the seasonal event Revenge of the Cartels will concern an end, avoiding players from trying to complete any of the challenges or content surrounding it. These new patch notes also information some extra changes to the Mayhem 2.0 system, which at first had players earning the best loot in the game at Mayhem level 10.

The new Takedown at the Guardian Breach is an endgame challenge for players to take their most kitted out Vault Hunters to face another wave of chaotic enemies. You can select to go it alone, or take other Vault Hunter allies with you and get some of the best loot in thegame It’s a complimentary addition to the game available to everybody. There’s a full breakdown about the new endgame content on the Borderlands 3 website, and even a video including more information.

The considerable changes pertaining to Mayhem 2.0 consists of enemies at Mayhem levels 7, 8, 9, and 10 all have their statistics considerably reduced, and the curve from level 7 to 10 has actually beenreduced In the future, you can look forward to the release of chests and vending machines supporting players who reach this level, instead of having them entirely rely on enemy spawns to supply the best gear in the game.

You can check out all of these changes pertaining to Borderlands 3 as you wait for the release of the next piece of DLC, Old West, which should release closer to the end of June.

  • Added support for new totally free content being added to the base game of Borderlands 3: Takedown at the Guardian Breach!

Homeowner Eridian specialist Patricia Tannis has actually found a mystical Guardian signal on the remote world of Minos Prime and has actually asked that you examine it.

  • Fight For Your Life (FFYL) Improvements:

— Added cooperative restoring. When more than one individual is restoring a downed player, the player will be restored much faster. This is just supported for cooperative players
— Slowed the motion speed of downed players who are actively being restored by a cooperative player
— Increased the interactive radius around downed players to make it easier to start restoring them
— Added visual FX to the downed player being restored and the player restoring the downed player to help picture the act of restoring

  • Added support to show Mayhem Levels on Item Cards
  • Dealt with a documented issue where some players might experience a crash after being kicked 3 times in a row from a host’s game
  • Dealt with a documented issue of a crash that might in some cases occur after a customer respawns in the mission “Angels and Speed Demons” in Konrad’s Hold
  • Dealt with a documented issue of a crash that might in some cases occur when engaging with enemies with the Wedding Event Invite with the Galaxy Brain Mayhem modifier active
  • Dealt with a documented issue of a crash that might in some cases occur when the host got in combat at the start of the 4th round in Tank of Massacre
  • Dealt with numerous reported crashes
  • Improved performance when browsing vending machines
  • UI Optimizations for consoles
  • Improved Stock performance
  • Improved Quick Menu performance
  • Improved Main Menu performance
  • Improved Item Examination performance
  • Improved Buddy Widget performance
  • Improved Modal Tutorial performance
  • Improved memory by eliminating unneeded frames from the Skill Tree menus
  • Improved performance when dropping and dragging items in the stock menu
  • Dealt with a documented issue that players would in some cases experience an obvious frame rate drop when browsing the character menu in splitscreen
  • Dealt with a documented issue that performance would somethings drop after selecting up the ECHO log throughout “The Demon in the Dark” in Konrad’s Hold
  • Improved HUD performance
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the camera would in some cases tilt sideways when using a high fire rate weapons and strafing at the exact same time
  • Disabled all controller input when the game window is not in focus on PC
  • Disabled access to the Quick Menu when players are in vehicles or turrets
  • Dealt with a documented issue that an Outrunner can in some cases be released into the air and out of playable space when a user goes into the vehicle in Meridian Metroplex
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the bodies of dead enemies would in some cases stretch when within the elevator in Konrad’s Hold
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the Host player can escape the map when bending in the entrance of a customer’s space when they leave their session in Sanctuary
  • Dealt with a documented issue that striking an out-of- bounds area with a vehicle would trigger FFYL
  • Adjusted the cost of ammunition at vending machines to stem from the player’s level instead of the vending machine’s level
  • Dealt with an issue that pinstripes and filigree were in some cases missing out on from some player skins
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the Anointment “300% Damage above 90%” didn’t work correctly with non-flesh enemy types
  • Dealt with a documented issue that Guardian Benefits would just be thought about active throughout the session you opened them in
  • Dealt with a documented issue that essential puddle decals would in some cases remain for customers when refilling the map while the puddles exist
  • Updated Credits
  • Added previous Hotfixes to the game
  • Dealt with a documented issue where the tip bar would appear spaced out and stretched throughout the bottom of the screen in the Skill Tree menu
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the Play button in the ECHO log menu would in some cases be shown improperly
  • Added a 10-second cooldown timer till a player can ask for to skip the current puzzle and get a new one in Borderlands Science
  • Dealt with a documented issue where a Borderlands Science booster might be removed when joining another game session
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the Operative’s Action Skill Anointed impacts can be impacted by other Action Skills when triggering 2 Action Skills at the exact same time
  • Added an in-world marker to enhance the discoverability of Moxxtails chest in-game
  • Dealt with a documented issue in ECHOCast where the Moxxtail enthusiast was lost when joining another game session
  • Dealt with a documented issue with ECHOcast where the Unusual Chest winner count stat was inaccurate
  • Dealt with a documented issue where smoke or steam would flicker in Sanctuary after extended gameplay
  • Rebalanced Mayhem statistics for enemy health, shields, and armor in Mayhem Levels 7, 8, 9, and 10

Mayhem Levels 7, 8, 9 and 10 have actually had their stat perks to Health, Shields and Armorreduced On Mayhem 10, the bonus is now 10,000% instead of 12,500%, and the curve to from Level 7 to 10 has actually been adjusted appropriately.

  • Made a modification so just the Host player can use or roll modifier changes to Mayhem
  • Dealt with a documented issue that Agonizer 9000, the Kraken, Wotan, and Eista were in some cases not generating Mayhem Level gear

While we wait for chests and vending machines to support Mayhem Level gear in the next patch, as specified in our Mayhem 2.0 Dev Update, these enemies were fixed so they support Mayhem as a stop space.

  • The Mayhem modifiers Mob Mindset and Chain Gang can no longer be rolled together
  • The Mayhem modifier Floor is Lava now fires off less regularly and the damage taken no longer counts towards keeping the player in combat
  • The Mayhem modifier Chain Gang now develops beams when the player is more detailed and dissipates when even more away, permitting them to fire less regularly
  • Enhanced combat timer refresh for Mayhem

The 4 changes above were made to keep Mayhem 2.0 running efficiently, and we will continue to keep track of the performance of Mayhem 2.0 and make modifications in thefuture The Border Issues and Drone Ranger Mayhem Modifiers are continuing to go through screening and are not going to be turned back on at this time.

  • Dealt with a documented issue that players would in some cases not load in properly after throwing grenades and making changes to Mayhem mode
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the travel countdown timer would in some cases not display the map name when using Mayhem modifier changes after the player triggered a New-U Station that was not a Fast Travel Station
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the mathematical indication on the Mayhem pedestal would not display correctly after changing the level
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the UI for the border turret warning would remain on screen when altering Mayhem settings while in a limited area
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the enemy DEATH from the Post Mortem Mayhem Modifier was not able to cause damage to Moze’s Auto Bear or to players in Iron Bear’s gunner seat
  • Dealt with a documented issue that the enemy DEATH from the Post Mortem Mayhem Modifier would circle in place if generated from an enemy that the player did not take down
  • Added a limitation to the number of visual effect results generated when projectiles take damage with Post Mortem and Freeze Tag Mayhem Modifiers
  • Post Mortem, Healy Avenger, and Freeze Tag will now examine for the dying enemy’s obligation relative to the player when choosing if they should spawn
  • Dealt with a documented issue that player might be quickly taken into FFYL when the Mayhem Modifier Rogue-Lite is active
  • Dealt with a documented issue that beams generated from the Border Concerns Mayhem Modifier might in some cases end up being aesthetically connected to the player
  • Dealt with a documented issue that beams generated from the Border Concerns Mayhem Modifier would in some cases remain connected to the player after beating an enemy NPC turned friendly
  • Dealt with an issue that a beam effect would in some cases not trigger from the Border Concerns Mayhem Modifier if there was a blockage in between the player and the enemy
  • Dealt with a documented issue that some heads were in some cases not scaling correctly with the Galaxy Brain Mayhem Modifier active
  • Dealt with an issue that Mayhem Modifier abilities would sometimes not run correctly on enemies
  • Dealt with a documented issue with weapon drops from enemies downed via critical hit while the Lootsplosion Mayhem Modifier was active in some cases not constantly matching the current Mayhem Level
  • Vehicles can now be the targets of Mayhem Modifiers
  • Dealt with a documented issue where D-Pad glyphs to alter the tracked mission were still shown on the HUD when playing with the Timeless button plan
  • Dealt with a documented issue where an empty timely would be shown on the HUD above the experience bar after costs skill points
  • Dealt with a documented issue where several message slideouts would overlap and appear after detaching a controller
  • Dealt with a documented issue where the speed of the UI menu would differ when including a splitscreen player
  • Dealt with a documented issue where the customer’s countdown would not appear on the screen after accepting a battle invite
  • Added enhancements to text chat
  • Updated tip text for altering the seen event to “Change Viewed Event”
  • Dealt with a documented issue that parts of the HUD would in some cases be missing out on when rapidly resuming and stopping briefly the game

Today, we have a range of gear balance changes, as assured in the Mayhem 2.0 Dev Update, and hotfixes particularly for Takedown at the Guardian Breach. To get the changes and avoid seeing any of these problems emerge, make sure that you have your hotfixes used at the main menu.

To use hotfixes, wait at the main menu till you see a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied”! Please send a ticket to support.2 if you are experiencing any problems or want to supply feedback.

  • Added Revenge of the Cartel Anointments to the long-term drop pool for gear
  • Dealt with a documented issue that increases from Mantakores and Korax disregarded Zane’s Barrier
  • Re-balanced the number of enemies active at one time throughout Takedown at the Guardian Breach
  • Re-balanced the health of some enemies throughout Takedown at the Guardian Breach
  • Dealt with a potential progression blocker when fast taking a trip throughout Takedown at the Guardian Breach
  • Dealt with an issue with the Operative’s SNTNL not targeting enemies in some cases

As specified in the patch notes, we have adjusted the Health, Shield, and Armor statistics for Mayhem Levels 7 andhigher As part of that alter, we need to change gear to show that. With the decrease in enemy health, shield, and armor in later levels of Mayhem, all the gear you have currently will feel more reliable as you take down enemies in those higher levels. SMGs have actually shown to be one of the most popular weapon types, so we have actually focused on them with thisupdate We chose that this amount of modification was all we were comfy with when paired with the scalingchanges We will observe player feedback over the coming weeks and most likely make additional modifications as required.

Weapon Enthusiasts

The number of practical SMGs felt low, compared to the relative depth of weapons of that type. As a result, numerous them have had damage boosts today.

  • Increased weapons damage on Bitch
  • Increased weapons damage on Good-looking Jackhammer
  • Increased weapons damage on Dedicated
  • Increased weapons damage on Cloud Kill
  • Increased weapons damage on Tsunami
  • Increased weapons damage on 10 Gallon
  • Increased melee damage bonus on Ripper

The Ripper’s melee damage bonus wasn’t supplying enough reward to perform its designated loop. We have actually rubbed the damage on the melee strike.

  • Increased weapon damage on Vanquisher

The base damage for the Vanquisher and its bonus damage while moving have actually been rubbed. Like the Ripper, its core loop wasn’t being utilized as the slide bonus wasn’t considerable adequate previous to this modification.

  • Increased bonus damage while moving on Vanquisher

The Ripper and Vanquisher should be extremely reliable now when welcoming their unique loops.

Weapon Nerfs

We found that a couple of pieces of gear were overperforming or not working as planned, which inadvertently pressed players into builds specifically using them. It also enabled players to bypass the designated growth of moving up the Mayhem Levels over time. By reducing these worths and attending to some information, players should feel able to experiment with other pieces of gear.


The Sandhawk was creating a lot of particle systems which we found creating problems associated withperformance It also was creating excessive damage relative to other sniper rifles. To combat this, we have actually made the following changes.

  • Increased Shot Cost from 2 to 3– We have actually increased the cost of firing the weapon, so that players need to more attentively handle ammunition. With the extra SDUs that were added in The Revenge of the Cartels patch, players should still have the ability to use this weapon a fair bit.
  • Removed 2 projectiles– As specified, the performance cost of this weapon was expensive, so we have actually removed 2 particle systems from each shot. This also gets rid of some damage output from the weapon.
  • Increased Precision Spread– To make up for the distinction for the missing out on projectiles, we have actually spread out out the pattern, so it still covers the exact same space.
  • Reduced life time of projectiles– A lot of active particle systems from successive shots was truly injuring performance, so we have actually reduced the life-span of the projectile.
  • Increased projectile speed– It was essential to use to keep the weapon still reliable in combat, so to counter the reduced life time of the projectiles, we have actually sped themup The result is a weapon that still feels as reliable as previously, and even more responsive.


We found a regrettable issue with the Yellowcake that efficiently added an additional 100% damage beyond its designated output. We are repairing it today.

  • Changed Damage Scaling– The wrong scaling mathematics was using to the Yellowcake, significantly increasing its damage beyond its designated worth. We are altering it to use designated mathematics.
  • Split Projectile Damage Decrease– We are reducing the damage of each of its split projectiles as they were overperforming.


The Kaoson was supplying more power than planned, which made it the go-to SMG. With today’s changes it should still supply plenty of damage that focuses on explosive damage perks, however not rather at the scale as in the past.

  • Precision Impulse Increased– Its precision enabled players to deal pin-point damage, then with the added explosive damage, it was additional optimizing output. We are increasing the precision impulse to account for the explosive damage bonus much better.
  • Max Precision Increased– At full auto, the spread showed exceptionally tight, again permitting more damage to be made the most of than we planned. We have actually increased the maximum appropriately.
  • Critical Damage Reduced– The explosive damage offered by this weapon allows critical hits more regularly, so we are reducing its critical bonus by a small amount.
  • Base Damage Reduced– As the Kaoson essentially has 2 points of damage–the preliminary bullet, and after that the dynamite round– it was supplying way more damage than a common SMG. We’re reducing the base damage to much better account for its dual damage feature.

Anointment Enthusiasts

A Number Of Anointments in the game were not supplying adequate worth, efficiently making them non-viable forplayers In an effort to increase build variety, we are rubbing a number of Anointments.

  • Airborne Anointments– We have actually increased the efficiency of the While Airborne Damage, Critical Damage, and Fire Rate Anointment. The Airborne Fire Rate Anointment had a bug also, which is being fixed to considerably enhance this Anointment. We’re nervous to see what constructs will be utilized in Takedown at the Guardian Breach in specific.
  • Slide Fire Rate– It had a bug also that avoided it from supplying the planned bonus; we have actually fixed that in these hotfixes.
  • Action Skill End– A number of these types of Anointments have actually been rubbed to make them more helpful for more constructs. Fire Rate, Next 2 Mag Bonus Damage, and Splash Damage have all got damage boosts.
  • Auto Bear Active Incendiary Damage– This has actually gotten a considerable enthusiast to make Iron Bear constructs more reliable.

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