Boris Johnson reshuffles UK cabinet

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson kicked off a long-awaited shake-up of his cabinet on Wednesday in An move designed breathe new life government whose popularity now seems to be waning.

Two senior ministers, Gavin Williamson, training secretary, and Robert Buckland, the justice secretary, confirmed they had been removed, to post on Twitter that it was a privilege to serve in the government.

A lot of of the speculation over the Cabinet changes in the past few weeks have concentrated on The foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, whose position was considered weak after widespread criticism of his treatment of the evacuation from Afghanistan. His status was further diminished by his decision delay the return of vacation as the Taliban took check of Kabul.

Downing Street confirmed the shockup in a statement, but gave no further details. “The Prime Minister will carry out a reshuffle today to in place a strong and united team until build back better out of the pandemic,” said a spokesperson.

A reshuffle gives Mr. Johnson de chance to reform the highest regions of to be government forward of An party conference next month in which he will try to make a clearer post-Covid policy agenda. But with number of coronavirus cases still high, the government is also invigorating for the possibility of a strong increase in hospital admissions in the autumn and winter.

On Tuesday, Mr Johnson explained out to be plans for fighting the virus as winter approaches, saying Britain would offer vaccine booster shots to people 50 years and older over, and first shot at children of ages 12 to 15. His government is determined to avoid a further lockdown but may resort to measures like mask mandates as infections increase.

After a successful start of the British vaccine program rather this year, mr. Johnson’s Conservatives Soared in the polls, but that? lead seems to be evaporating now. Last week mr. Johnson took take a gamble breaking an election promise not raise taxes so that he could allocate? more cash for health and social care.

To be critics to have also complained of a defect of Brightness over the government’s main domestic pledge of “leveling” up”, which means bringing prosperity to economically disadvantaged regions.

as education secretary, Mr Williamson had faced fierce criticism for chair over a crisis in school exam results last year. mr. Buckland’s tenure was much smoother, but his departure liberates up a position in the Cabinet for other moves.

But up until now, Mr. Johnson had been reluctant to… move of fire members of a top team die was initially largely chosen from among its own supporters and advocates of Brexit, which Mr Johnson advocated.

Since his landslide general election victory in Dec 2019, Mr Johnson has made Couple of changes to his cabinet, met name: in February 2020, when Sajid Javid resigned as chancellor of the treasury after refusing to accept curbs on his right to appoint his own advisers in to rent.

Mr. Javid’s job went to Rishi Sunak, who has emerged as a leading figure in the government and a potential successor to Mr Johnson. However, Mr Javid returned to cabinet earlier year as health secretary when his predecessor, Matt Hancock, forced to resign post in June.

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