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Borrell brandishes sanctions . “Moscow rejects dialogue” with the Europeans

European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, returning from a visit to Moscow on Sunday, expressed his great concern about the Russian authorities ’refusal to initiate a” more constructive “dialogue with the Union, calling on European leaders to” learn from that “, which could lead to sanctions.

Borrell wrote on Twitter upon his return from the Russian capital that “the Russian authorities did not want to seize the opportunity to establish a more constructive dialogue with the European Union. These stages are penalties. “

The European Union foreign ministers will meet on February 22 to present the results of Borrell’s mission, which lasted between the fourth and seventh of February, and to decide on the next steps, in light of the Kremlin’s refusal to demand European leaders release the opposition Alexei Navalny and Moscow’s expulsion of three European diplomats coinciding with the meeting between Borrell And Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The decision to impose sanctions should be taken unanimously upon the proposal of Member States. The European Union foreign minister can recommend this matter only in his report on his mission.

Borrell added, “I returned to Brussels with great concern about the development potential of Russian society and the geostrategic options of Russia.”

He continued, “My meeting with Minister Lavrov and the letters sent by the Russian authorities during this visit confirmed that Europe and Russia are not on a single wave. It seems that Russia is gradually distancing itself from Europe and considers democratic values ​​an existential threat.”

Borrell justified his mission by the necessity of “meeting others in their countries, at a time when negative events occur, so that we allow ourselves to better evaluate the situations we face and the actions that we can take.”

The European foreign minister concluded by writing: “I prefer this matter to remaining in a position of reaction and waiting for things to happen. If we want a safer world in the future, we must act today with determination and be prepared to take risks.”


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