Borrell: European countries are ready to make sea routes from Ukraine safe

The representative of the foreign policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, confirmed today, Sunday, in statements to Al Arabiya and Al Hadath that the European Union is doing everything possible to resolve the food crisis, noting that several European countries are ready to remove mines from Ukrainian ports.

Ready to put in safety the lanes

He said European countries are ready to make sea routes from Ukraine safe.

Borrell’s statements arrive in one moment in which the United Nations has been negotiating for several weeks with Russia, Ukraine and Turkey in order to reach an agreement allowing the safe transfer of Ukrainian grain crops, as well as the return of fertilizers produced by Russia to world markets.

Increase in the price of food

A deal that would allow the export of grain and fertilizers would lower food prices and alleviate the global food crisis.

Borrell had stressed during a Security Council meeting on cooperation with the bloc that European sanctions do not target food and fertilizers.

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Sanctions are not the reason

He said the sanctions, imposed by the European Union, were not the cause of the food shortage.

Interestingly, shortly after the start of its military operation on the territory of its western neighbor on February 24, Russian forces imposed their naval control over Azov and the Black Sea, besieging ports in the south of the country, which usually exported grain, in particular wheat and sunflower oil, across the Black Sea, which has led to a rise in prices globally, amid fears that a number of countries in the Middle East and Africa will be affected.

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