Borrell: The Union launches a mission to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced that the EU will start the task of training 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers in member states today Tuesday.

Borrell told reporters upon his arrival to attend the Union’s defense ministers meeting in Brussels that the European rapid intervention force will be ready in 2025, according to the correspondent “Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath”.

He also added that the forces of European countries train Ukrainian forces on various European weapons before heading to the front.

many countries

Interestingly, Borrell announced yesterday, Monday, the launch of a training mission for the Ukrainian army, in which several EU countries will participate, and that it will begin its work within two weeks.

He added in a statement that the mission will include Poland and Germany, noting that there are many countries ready to participate in the mission, which will train around 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers.

He also stressed that “we must continue. We must continue to support Ukraine with our military capabilities, put pressure on Russia and communicate with the rest of the world to deal with the consequences of this war”.

Weapon and equipment

Interestingly, since the launch of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian territory on February 24, Western countries have sided with Kiev, supporting it with weapons and equipment.

Thousands of harsh sanctions were imposed on Moscow, which threatened Russia that these shipments would be a legitimate target for its forces and planes.

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