Boruto: Two Blue Vortex at Last Reveals Its Real Villains Through One Cruel Insult

The latest development in the Boruto series has shed light on the true villains in a way that no one saw coming. With the emergence of self-aware and humanoid Divine Trees, Boruto’s villain Code has been dealt a brutal insult, confirming his role in the series and setting the stage for a potential redemption arc.

Code’s Lackluster Debut

Throughout the Boruto series, Code had been positioned as the next major villain, especially after Isshiki’s defeat. However, every chance he had to shine, Code fell short in the most humiliating ways imaginable.

The Introduction of the Divine Trees

The sudden introduction of the new Divine Trees and their comment about how they used Code to gain self-awareness has revealed his true role in the series. They refer to him as a “clown” and make it clear that he was merely a pawn in their grand scheme.

Code’s New Low Point

Boruto chapter #3 has introduced a new low point for Code, as the Divine Trees discredit him and label him as a clown. This revelation has shifted the focus away from Code as the main villain, paving the way for the true new villains to take center stage.

Subverting Expectations

Boruto has cleverly subverted the formulaic approach from the Naruto series by breaking the mold of major villains. This unexpected twist has led to the emergence of the Divine Trees as some of the coolest and least-expected villains in the Boruto series.

Setting Up Code’s Redemption

With the Divine Trees’ betrayal and the insult hurled at Code, the stage is set for a potential redemption arc for the character. This latest development has given Code a compelling reason to seek vengeance and has created an opportunity for fans to root for him despite his previous shortcomings.

The emergence of the Divine Trees has confirmed what many fans had suspected all along – Code was never meant to be the big bad. This unexpected turn of events has set the stage for a compelling storyline and has paved the way for Code’s potential redemption in the Boruto series.

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