Bow and arrows attack in Norway leaves at least five dead and two injured

At least five people were killed and two injured in Norway by a man met bow and arrow, police said Wednesday evening.

The attack started after 6pm local time in a supermarket in the city of Kongsberg near the capital Oslo, where the suspect fired arrows at shoppers and passers-by, a police spokesman said.

A man suspicious of The attacker has been arrested and the police are investigating his motive, police chief Øyvind Aas said.

The two injured people, one of who is a off-duty policeman who was a coincidence then in the supermarket of the attack, are being treated in a nearby hospital, said Mr. Ace. The suspect acted alone and has not yet been questioned added.

“It is natural to consider of it is an act of terrorism [but] it is too early to draw any conclusions,” said Mr Aas in a television news conference.

He said the suspect was arrested about 30 minutes after police received the message first report of the attack. officers who made the arrest laid off warning shots before arresting the suspect, Mr. Ace.

An arrow stuck out a wall after the attack.


Hakon Mosvold Larsen/NTB/Zuma Press

“We are shocked by this incident…the reports are coming” in are gruesome,” Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg said Wednesday evening.

Components of Kongsberg, a ski resort, was cordoned off off by the police and a tactical unit die specializes in terrorist attacks and hostage-taking were used. Helicopters circled above the city and dozens of ambulances were seen at what police said were numerous crime scenes.

local media broadcast Pictures of arrows enclosed in walls of buildings of to lie on the sidewalk where the attack unfolded.

Police officers in the whole country, who are normally unarmed, instructed to carry weapons while on duty after the attack. A police spokesperson said the measure was a precautionary measure and not a result of any information over elevated risk levels.

Norway has restrictive gun-property laws die forbid private possession of automatic weapons, but hunters and marksmen are allowed to possess certain types of pistols and rifles if they get a firearms license, which requires a clean police force record.

Norway, one of the worldthe most prosperous and low-crime countries, has been hit by mass shootings in the recent past. In 2019, a gunner open fire in a mosque in near Oslo but no one was injured as worshipers quickly overpowered the man.

In 2011, far-right extremist Anders Behring Breivik . was

killed 77 people in and around Oslo, most of die teenage visitors of a summer camp organized by a centerleft party.

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