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Boycott campaign praises Lebanese player withdrawal from Israeli game… and launches campaign to invest World Cup in spreading Palestinian cause

Gaza – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The responses of Arab athletes who have refused normalization with the occupying state continue, as the Lebanese player, Muhammad Ataya, registered his name, in the list, withdrawing from facing a Israeli player, in the Cyprus International Tennis Championship, in one moment in which continue the media campaigns calling for the investment of the World Cup. The world is in the State of Qatar, to show the extent of the tragedy that the Palestinian people are experiencing due to the occupation. The boycott and anti-normalization campaign in Palestine has welcomed the withdrawal of Lebanese tennis champion Ataya from the final of the international championship in Cyprus after he was drawn by a player from the occupying country. The campaign considered that this withdrawal “expresses the pulse of the great Lebanese people and all Arab peoples, with their rejection of normalization under the Zionist occupation and their rejection of the Zionist crimes committed by the occupation against our defenseless Palestinian people “. A few days ago, Iraqi national team player, Ali Al-Bazi retired after reaching the third and fourth place match in the World Youth Jiu-Jitsu Championship, after being drawn with an Israeli player, although he could win easily and get the bronze medal globally. The boycott campaign has confirmed that the Palestinian cause will be present at the World Cup, through the applause of the masses and banners. Pictures were posted on the campaign’s Facebook page showing residents of the state of Qatar decorating their balconies with Palestinian flags, in campaign response. As part of the sports-level movement, to support the Palestinian cause, the Boycott Employment and Divestment Movement (BDS) had announced a series of activities to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause and oppose normalization with occupation, in occasion of the FIFA World Cup, which Qatar will host a few days later. . He said: “During the period of the FIFA Men’s World Cup in Qatar, and as millions gather to cheer on their favorite teams, let us take this opportunity to highlight the issue of Palestine and the ongoing struggle of its people for freedom, and step up our efforts in the fight for normalization with l occupation to stop all attempts to impose itself “. As a natural entity in our region and among our Arab masses”.


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