Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins reflect on their alcohol problems

Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins have both fought against alcoholism in the past, says a new report from Interview Magazine. However, they have recently met with the aforementioned media to discuss their challenges in detail.

In 1998, Brad and Hopkins starred in the film Meet Joe Black. Both parties agreed that they used alcohol as a way to escape reality when they did not want to feel any particular emotions.

At age 55, speaking with the long-time interpreter, aged 81, he explained that he realized he was doing a huge “bad service” and that it was time to stop smoking. Hopkins told him it was a necessary part of the trip.

Hopkins told Brad that he was hiding his alcoholism for years. Since Hopkins left for the first time 45 years ago, the actor explained that it became a “great blessing” because he had learned a lot from this experience and learned to forgive himself for the mistakes of the past. .

In September of this year, the New York Times reported that Brad had been attending AA meetings for a year and a half following his split with actress Angelina Jolie. Brad said at the exit at that time that he had to stop because he had gone as far as possible.

As has already been reported, many newspapers have speculated that Brad’s alleged alcohol problem would play a key role in his split with the actress. In addition, the feature film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood spoke of the new phenomenon that society has described as “cancellation of culture,” which is often more the case of what people have done in the past than of what that they did well after.

Pitt said we live in a particular era when people are now “extremely critical” and treat people as easy to throw away in an instant. Pitt said the most important thing was how a person was dealing with an error and how it was proceeding, rather than the initial pattern of behavior and error.


In addition, the actor explained that learning to forgive, to be wise and to make mistakes was all related, and that it was impossible to have one without the other. They work together to improve a person.

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