Brad Pitt discusses heavy drinking to “escape” his “mistakes” and his sobriety

It’s been about three years since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ended their very public wedding. That being said, it seems that the male actor is finally questioning how he handled the divorce, especially at the beginning of the end.

Fans know that Brad has had problems with alcohol abuse before, and although he feels much better after getting help, he admits he would drink alcohol as an “escape” from everything that was going on in his life.

In other words, by abusing alcohol, he was trying to “scrap” all his “mistakes”.

However, in the meantime, Brad has apparently learned to only “kiss” his life and stay sober.

Anthony Hopkins, when discussing for Interview magazine, told Brad: “I read that you had a problem with alcohol and everything else” and that’s when Brad became straightforward. about his drinking problems more than ever before.

He explained, “Well, I saw that as a bad service, an escape. I realize, as a true act of forgiveness for all the choices I have made and of which I am not proud, that I appreciate these missteps, as they have led to a wisdom that has led to something else. You can not have one without having the other. I see it as something that I am taking in my arms right now in my life. But I certainly do not feel like I can take credit for it. “

Nowadays, Brad is able to embrace his weaknesses and accept everything that goes on in his life as inevitable and beautiful, as far as he is concerned.


“We have always attached great importance to mistakes. But what you do after the mistake is what really defines a person. We will all make mistakes. But what is this next step? As a culture, we do not seem to stick around and see what the next step is for that person. And that’s the part I find much more invigorating and interesting, “continued Brad.

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