Brad Pitt is looking forward to spending Christmas with the kids this year – Details!

Christmas is fast approaching, but Brad Pitt can hardly wait! The reason is that the actor is apparently super excited to spend the holidays with his six children and those of Angelina Jolie!

At the end of the day, whatever their personal and legal war, both parents want the best for their young people, which is why the winter holidays are a great opportunity to take a break from their drama and to cherish them. moments with the kids – Brad, in particular, because he gets to see them less often than Angie.

An insider told HollywoodLife that “Brad is preparing for the awards season and is looking forward to it all, but he is very interested in relaxing during the holiday season and seeing his children. It will make it personal because, like all great dads, he cherishes moments like this – and it will be no different. He just wants them to be happy this holiday season and he will be happy to spend time with them. He is looking forward to a good normal vacation without drama. “

They then made it very clear that Angelina also agreed “it is important that the children see their father for Christmas, so she made sure to be in Los Angeles for the holidays so that this would happen. They will share time with the children also at Christmas, that’s how they did it last year and this year will be no different. “

This gives the impression that the former actor couple have learned to work better together in the past two years since in 2017, they both made separate plans with their children.


In other words, while Jolie wanted to take them on vacation, Brad wanted to spend Christmas together in Los Angeles at the time.

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