Brazilian legend Pele was brought in in hospital as part of her cancer treatment

São Paulo: Brazilian soccer legend Pele, 82, was brought in again in hospital, while her daughter Kelly said on “Instagram” on Wednesday that “there are no surprises or pressing matters” and that her father’s medicine will be adjusted at the clinic. On the other hand, the Brazilian version of the “ESPN” network indicated that Pelé had swelling all over his body and that the doctors at the “Albert Einstein” hospital in São Paulo were concerned that chemotherapy might no longer work with tumors in various organs of the ex-star’s body… In September 2021, Pele underwent the removal of a colon tumor, which doctors discovered during routine medical examinations of the Brazilian football legend. After the surgery, Pele underwent treatment and care in the intensive care unit, where he remained in hospital for one month after the operation. Subsequently, Pele went in hospital to get doses of chemotherapy. Pele’s health has repeatedly raised concerns in recent years and he has undergone several hip surgeries. He also had spinal and knee problems. Pelé won the World Cup 3 times with his country, in 1958, 1962 and 1970, noting that he played 92 international matches for his country. Pele’s daughter wrote: “Today i media they talk a lot about my father’s health. He is in hospital to organize your treatment. The condition is not critical and there are no new worrying forecasts. I will be there for the new year and promise to post some pictures. (agencies)