Brazilian Rihanna Launches Celebrity Instagram Site, Doppelgangers, to Become a Virus

They say that everyone has a twin and for the beautiful Bajan, singer and entrepreneur Rihanna, she has a doppelganger who lives in Brazil. Rose Cohen is beautiful and is the spitting image of Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty and seizes the Internet. Same’s Same Instagram account is made up of ordinary people (and professional celebrity impersonators) who look exactly like your favorite stars. Rose Cohen is Rihanna’s picture and it’s hard to tell who is the real Rihanna and who is the fake when the photos of the two women are side by side.

The news of Rihanna’s twin is becoming viral, and the Internet is freaking out about the similarities between Rihanna and Rose. Even if some of the people on are professional imitators, this does not detract from the account or their similarities. Many of the people presented did not become imitators until they learned how much they looked like celebrities for years.

The pictures of Rose Cohen, who looks amazingly Rihanna, become viral and bring a surge of traffic to the Instagram account managed by Freddy Slivinski, who discovers the incredible similarities, then compares the photos of the account.

Rihanna’s doppelganger, Rose Cohen, appears in the photo slideshow below.

What do you think of the similarities between Rose and Rihanna? Do you know someone who could be a doppelganger celebrity?

Although not featured on the site, Jimmy Fallon had two celebrity doppelgangers on his show: Will Ferrell and Chad Smith. Chad is the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Will Ferrell and he are so alike that people wonder if they are twins or brothers. Some people have even suggested that their voices are similar and that they must be related somewhere on the line.

You can see the strange resemblance of Will Ferrell and Chad Smith in the video player below.

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Are you going to follow Same’s Instagram page? What do you think of the similarities between Will Ferrell and Chad Smith or Rose Cohen and Rihanna?


Have you ever seen a celebrity doppelganger or even yours?

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