Brazil’s attorney general calls for Bolsonaro to be investigated over recent riots

On Friday, the Brazilian prosecutor asked the Supreme Court to open an investigation against former president Jair Bolsonaro in regarding his possible responsibility for the sabotage of the institutions of power in Brasilia on January 8 by his supporters.

And the Public Prosecutor’s Office specified in a statement that Bolsonaro, who has been in the United States since late December, should be investigated on suspicion of being one of the “moral instigators” of sabotage operations in national institutions in the capital country, a week after the inauguration of leftist president Luis Ignacio Lula from Silva.

Similarly, the Brazilian authorities announced on Friday that they are in awaiting the return of the former Minister of Justice, currently in the United States, after discovering in his home a draft decree that would have allowed the annulment of the presidential elections.

This document, revealed Thursday evening by the newspaper “Folha de São Paulo”, was found during searches conducted by the federal police in the home of former minister Anderson Torres, after an arrest warrant had been issued against him by the of a Supreme Court judge accused of being an “accomplice” in the attack that took place on Sunday, launched by Bolsonaro’s supporters against the centers of power.

“We will wait for his appearance until Monday. If this does not happen, next week we will start the procedures for his extradition request,” said Flavio Dino, justice minister in the Lula government, on Friday.
For his part, Torres reaffirmed his innocence, promising to return in Brazil and to surrender to the authorities, without however specifying a date.

Among the measures contained in the three-page text, the content of which was published on Friday by the newspaper, is the control of the federal government over the Supreme Electoral Court, charged with overseeing the proper conduct of the electoral process, “to guarantee the preservation of transparency and the approval of the regularity of the 2022 presidential election process.”

Many jurists consider this procedure unconstitutional, and which tends to practically cancel the electoral result won by Lula.

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