Brian Cox claims Harry and Meghan are ‘victims’ of a defunct institution still in existence

Actor Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy in the HBO series Succession, has referred to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as “victims” of an outdated institution. Cox believes that Meghan’s entry into the royal family was “a fairy tale that went horribly wrong”. Cox stated that “they’re the product of an institution which is moribund and shouldn’t exist any more”. He explained that, as a Scottish independence-supporting republican, he believes that the system “fundamentally, in this day and age, doesn’t make any sense”. In a recent interview with Radio Times, he clarified that his previous comments had been taken out of context and that he had “enormous sympathy” for the couple. Cox confirmed that he only accepted his CBE in 2002 due to his sister Bette being a royalist, and that he would not accept a knighthood now, except for her sake.