Brielle Biermann starts a new year with a new look – she dissolves her lip fillers

Brielle Biermann changes her look this year. First reported by Page Six, the outlet picked up an Instagram story where Brielle told her fans that she was going to start looking like the 18-year-old version of herself again.

Among the same image of herself, Biermann explained that she would be bruised for several days, but 2020 marks a turning point in her image. Brielle fans know that it has long been under the control of the media and the public, including people on social media.

In March 2018, the Don’t Be Tardy star told a commentator that a million social media users told her that her lips were not beautiful in the photos. At that time, she also consulted her Twitter account to tell her that she was going to “push” her lips again.

Go get my plump duck lips a little more !! There!

– Brielle Biermann (@BrielleZolciak) March 12, 2018

In January 2019, Biermann uploaded another photo of herself to illustrate how her operation made her look much better. The star posted the photo as a comparison image. Brielle fans will remember her first appearance 5 years ago in 2015.

Reported by Nick Markus in November 2019, social media fans have constantly noted the change in the structure of Brielle’s lips. Some people say they are getting thinner and others say they are getting thicker.

Biermann would have a lip product on the way. For this reason, we understand why she would want to obtain charges. Fans of the Zolciak and Biermann team know that the family has become increasingly involved in the cosmetics industry over time.

Social media users, on the other hand, are not always proud of Brielle Biermann. For example, it’s not uncommon for Twitter and IG users to complain that Brielle is simply copying Kylie Jenner, by creating her own mega brand of cosmetics, even getting lip fillers to model the products that some people accuse Kylie of doing it.


That said, if Brielle really lets her lips dissolve, it’s possible that she really did let social media enemies join her.

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