Brigades dei Giganti: 3 leaders of the Houthi militia killed in the Harib front in Marib

This was reported by the correspondent of Al Arabiya Brigades of the Giants Houthi militia sites have been targeted north of Harib town, in light of continuing clashes south of Marib, which resulted in the killing of 3 Houthi militia leaders on that front. in flames.

The brigades advanced towards the city center and reached the Al-Dharaan and Ikrima mountains, where hundreds of Houthi fighters who fled Shabwa have holed up.

For its part, the Yemeni army and resistance forces managed to expel the militias from government positions and from large areas to Aqabat Mala’a, south of Marib.

Yemeni army forces, backed by popular resistance and coalition air force, made new progress on the southern front in Marib on Thursday, during battles that inflicted heavy casualties on Iranian Houthi militia. in equipment and human lives.

The Yemeni army media center said the army and resistance launched a radical attack, during which they managed to defeat the Iranian militia from government positions and large areas towards Aqabat Mala’a, south of Ma ‘ rib.

He confirmed that many militia members were killed or wounded, as well as other losses of combat equipment, as a result of army fire and coalition air strikes.

He stressed that the battles still continue, amidst the collapse and the great human and material losses in the ranks of the Iranian militia.

The center released a video clip of the collapse of the fortifications of the coup militia in the face of the advance of the army and resistance south of Marib.

In this context, the Coalition to Support Legittimacy in Yemen announced on Thursday evening that the forces of the “Happy Yemen” brigades have made “qualitative advances” on the southern fronts of Ma’rib and have joined forces with the Giant’s Brigades on the same front.

The coalition praised the heroism of the giant brigades and the UAE’s support for “Yemen’s happy freedom,” according to a brief statement.

Army forces and the Giant’s Brigades continue to advance on the southern fronts of the Ma’rib governorate and have taken control of new sites at Aqabat Ma’la in the Harib district, which 3 kilometers separate them from the strategic field of Umm Rish, according to field sources.

Sources confirmed that government forces were in able to isolate the Houthi militia stationed in the Al-Balaq mountain range and surrounding areas after advancing into the Lajmah site.

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