Britain.. Beginning of excavations at Arthur’s stone.

Archaeologists have begun excavations at an ancient tomb linked to King Arthur in hopes of uncovering the secrets of this enigmatic site.

This tomb is said to be about 5,000 years old, 3,500 years older than the date of birth of the legendary British leader, because there is still no confirmation of medieval legends about King Arthur.

The Stone of Arthur, which is an ancient cemetery dating back to the Neolithic era, has not been studied by scientists and has not been excavated before.

Archaeologists have found in a similar neighboring cemetery the skeletons of several people with clay vessels, arrowheads and flint fragments. Therefore, scientists hope to find similar objects in the tomb of Arthur’s Stone, from which only large stones remained for the inner chamber, surrounded by piles of soil and small stones. That is, the original shape and dimensions of the tomb are still a mystery. This room consists of nine vertical stones and on it is a huge rock weighing up to 25 tons.

According to legend, it was in this place that King Arthur the giant was killed, who, falling, made a hole in one of the rocks.

It should be noted that researchers from the universities of Manchester and Cardiff are leading excavations and excavations at this site, which is considered one of Britain’s historical monuments.

Source: News. Ro