Britain is considering doubling its deployed forces to strengthen Europe’s borders

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is discussing the possibility of doubling the number of troops deployed to strengthen Europe’s borders, warning that any incursion by Russian forces in Ukraine would be a “tragedy”.

British news agency PA Media quoted Johnson as saying a new offer to NATO is at studio and that it “will send a clear message to the Kremlin” that we will not tolerate their destabilizing activities.

In addition to increasing the number of troops, the British government said this could include sending defensive weapons in Estonia.

Warplanes, warships and military specialists could also be sent to protect NATO allies. Downing Street said the potential dispatch of troops could “strengthen NATO’s defenses and enhance UK support for Nordic and Baltic partners.”

The move arrives in one moment in which the British Prime Minister is expected to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin and pay a visit to the unstable region earlier this week.

Johnson also instructed British Foreign Minister Liz Truss and Defense Minister Ben Wallace to prepare to travel to Moscow for talks with their counterparts in the coming days.

Downing Street said it will ask them to improve relations with the Russian government and encourage the reduction of the escalation.

Additionally, Wallace is expected to travel to meet allies in Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia on Johnson’s behalf this week.

Interestingly, Britain already has over 100 soldiers in Ukraine providing training in the framework of Operation Orbital.

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