Britain is developing a new generation of warships

Military website Naval Today reported that the UK is developing new Type-26 class military frigates, the first of which will be launched this year.

A report from the British company BAE Systems indicates that its plant in the Govan region is currently working on the creation of 3 new Type-26 frigates, and the first frigate of this type, Glasgow, will land before the end of this year.

The report indicated that after landing on the water, the Glasgow would be transferred to another British shipyard. As for the second ship of the Type-26 class, its hull is almost 50% completed, and work is underway to manufacture the third ship.

In 2017, BAE Systems signed £3.7bn contracts to build 3 new Type-26 military frigates for the British Army and is expected to receive orders for another 3 ships of the type before the end of this decade.

Each of the new Type-26 ships has a length of 150 m, a width of 21 m and a displacement of 8,000 tons. These ships can reach speeds of up to 26 knots and overcome 7,000 nautical miles for each task.

The new Glasgow ship will receive advanced reconnaissance systems, Sea Ceptor missile systems, Tomahawk cruise missiles, 127-mm cannons, 20- and 30-mm machine guns, as well as platforms for placing marine helicopters.

Source: Weapons of Russia