Britain is in negotiations with the Taliban to “coordinate a safe exit” from Afghanistan

A government spokesman said Tuesday that London is in direct negotiation with the Taliban to ensure the safe exit of British and Afghan citizens who worked for Great Britain from Afghanistan.

In a statement, the spokesperson said Simon Gass, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s special representative during the transition period for Afghanistan, had traveled to Doha to meet with senior Taliban representatives.

“Gas is meeting with senior representatives of the Taliban to underline the importance of the safe exit of the British and Afghan citizens who have worked with us for the past 20 years from Afghanistan,” the statement read.

Simon Gass, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s special envoy for the transition period in Afghanistan

The United States completed the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan on Monday, ending a war that culminated in the return to power of the Taliban. For its part, the British mission ended on Saturday, when the last military flight left Kabul after the evacuation of more than 15,000 people in the two weeks since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

This comes as US President Joe Biden said Tuesday that 98% of Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan have managed to do so and that the US is still busy helping the remaining 100-200 Americans who intend to leave. Afghanistan.

Speaking in the White House, Biden told reporters that most of these people are longtime dual citizens who in they had previously decided to stay in the country due to their family roots in Afghanistan. “The bottom line is 98 percent of Americans who were in Afghanistan and they wanted to leave were in able to leave, “he said.

“For those Americans who stay, there is no deadline. We remain committed to getting them out if they want to,” he added.

He said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is leading a diplomatic effort in course to guarantee the exit of any American partner, Afghan or foreign citizen who wants to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban took power on August 15.

Biden said the international community will hold Taliban leaders accountable for fulfilling their commitment to allow freedom of travel.

“The Taliban have made a public commitment, broadcast on television and radio in all of Afghanistan, to ensure the exit of anyone who wanted to leave, including those who worked alongside the Americans, “he added.

Taliban fighters at one of the entrances of the Kabul international airport

Taliban fighters at one of the entrances of the Kabul international airport

“We don’t judge them by their words alone, but by their actions and we have the ability to make sure these obligations are met,” he said.

In a related context, France is seeking protection for “a few dozen” Afghans who worked for the French army between 2001 and 2004, a French military ministry spokesman announced Tuesday.

“There are still a few dozen locally recruited Afghan civilians who are demanding the protection of France,” Herve Granjan said during a press conference at the ministry.

“Maximum efforts will be made to allow them to benefit from the protection of France in the coming days and weeks,” he added, without giving further details on how they left the country, explaining only that this was “in top of the diplomatic discussions “that took place at the United Nations in particular.

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