Britain: Russia’s use of “nuclear” will change the nature of the crisis

Britain on Monday warned Russian President Vladimir Putin of the dire consequences if Moscow used nuclear weapons in Ukraine, saying the move would change the nature of the crisis.

British Foreign Minister James Cleverly told British lawmakers: “No other country is talking about the use of nuclear weapons. No country is threatening Russia or President Putin.”

He added: “It should be understood that any use, in Either way, nuclear weapons will change the nature of the crisis for the UK and its allies. There will be serious consequences for Russia. “

In another context, the British foreign minister called on Russia to “stop hindering Ukraine’s grain supplies” across the Red Sea.

For its part, the French Foreign Ministry has argued that the Russian bombing of Ukrainian civilian structures is a violation of international law. “We strongly condemn the Russian attacks this morning against sensitive infrastructure in different Ukrainian regions. Russia continues to deliberately target civilian structures in violation of international law, “he said in a note.

The French Foreign Ministry underlined that “France will continue its commitment to support the Ukrainian authorities before international courts, including the International Criminal Court, so that these (Russian) practices do not go unpunished”.

The French Foreign Ministry has announced that it will organize an international conference on 13 December in support of the Ukrainian people.

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