Britain thinks: this is why Moscow uses the Iranian marches

With Western accusations against Russia that they continue to use Iranian-made drones to target sites in Ukraine and, despite Russian and Iranian denials, Britain suggested that the reason was Moscow’s lack of accurate long-range weapons.

The UK Defense Ministry confirmed Monday Monday that Russian forces continue to use Iranian-made drones to attack targets. in All of Ukraine.

An alternative to precision weapons ?!

He also added in a post on Twitter that Moscow is likely using these Shahed-136 drones to penetrate Ukraine’s air defenses and as an alternative to Russian-made long-range precision weapons that are becoming rare.

However, he successfully described Ukrainian efforts to contain these rallies.

And Kiev confirmed, in a letter to the United Nations last week that Moscow had acquired the “Muhajir” and “Shahid” aircraft produced by the “Quds Aviation” company in Iran.

He also pointed out at the time that that company is subject to the sanctions of freezing assets pursuant to resolution no. 2231 of the Security Council, pointing out that Russia is thus violating this international ban by dealing with the Quds Company.

It is reported that in recent weeks Ukraine has repeatedly reported Russian attacks on its cities using Iranian Shahed-136 drones, which Tehran and Moscow deny.

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