Britain tries to limit steel imports to protect the domestic industry

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Sunday that London is looking for ways to protect the steel sector in the UK in a direction that would put it in conflict with the World Trade Organization.

London is trying to revive the industries of the British steel sector, which has shrunk in size in recent decades and is under severe pressure from the insane rise in energy prices.

The government has provided financial support to companies that are heavily dependent on energy, including the steel sector, but Johnson has indicated that he will take further steps that could constitute a violation of the country’s obligations to the World Trade Organization, according to the AFP. .

Asked about reports of his willingness to violate World Trade Organization rules by imposing new tariffs, Johnson said at the G7 summit in Germany: “In the UK we have a system that does not favor our sector”, unlike other countries.

“We need to provide the UK steel industry with cheaper power and electricity for its high-temperature furnaces,” Johnson added.

“But until we are in able to solve this problem, I think it makes sense that the UK steel sector has the same protections, ”he added, noting that all European steel sectors without exception were protected.

“The difficulty is this: is it possible to do it and stay in the WTO?” Johnson said, adding, “These are difficult choices for us to make.”

According to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, Johnson seeks to set a ceiling on steel imports from several countries in via development and to extend tariffs imposed on developed countries and China.

Johnson is facing difficulties in Great Britain after suffering two defeats in by-elections held this week. In the former industrial town of Wakefield, the representative seat returned to Labor, knowing that in the 2019 election it was transferred to the Conservatives after remaining established for Labor for decades.

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