Britain’s plan to increase defense spending … details coming soon

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace confirmed today Tuesday that his country will soon unveil a plan to increase defense spending to 3% by 2030.

In early October, France and Great Britain pledged to increase in significantly i budget for the defense of the two countries.

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While the magnitude of the increase expected in the next budget for Britain’s defense remains ambiguous, France has announced detailed figures for the expected increase in the next budget for defense, which is expected to rise 7.4% from last year and a 36% jump from its defense budget in 2017.

According to the new French budget proposal for 2023, French defense spending will reach 43.9 billion euros (equivalent to 42.2 billion US dollars), an increase of 3 billion euros (2.89 billion dollars) compared to the 2022 budget. According to the American magazine Breaking Defense.

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France increases defense spending

France has increased its defense spending since 2017, raising the proposed level by 36% from € 32.3 billion ($ 31.1 billion) in 2017, which meets NATO’s requirements for defense spending reaches a level of 2% of GDP.

But British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak previously stated that he will not abide by his predecessor Liz Truss’ promise to increase defense spending from 2% to 3% of GDP by 2030, describing in previously such goals as “arbitrary”.

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