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British ambassador reveals international resolution on Yemen


The British ambassador in Yemen, Richard Oppenheim, considered the truce announced in Yemen under the auspices of the United Nations “a golden opportunity for the parties in conflict to implement its provisions and prepare for one pace global and sustainable “.

It revealed a draft UK resolution to replace Resolution No. 2216 of the United Nations Security Council on Yemen, underlining that the Security Council will be ready to issue the new resolution “when there is a real consensus on a political solution between the parties in Yemen “.

This happened during an interview with the British ambassador in a virtual discussion session organized by the Tamdeen Youth Foundation, with the participation of over 100 NGOs, a number of activists and journalists, on the UK’s vision for pace in Yemen and the role of society’s organizations on this path.

Oppenheim stressed the need to find adequate solutions to the issues in suspended between the parties in conflict in order to establish the humanitarian truce and work to extend it.
He added: “The international mediators continue to work with the office of the UN envoy, Hans Grundberg, in order to push the Yemeni sides towards the success of the truce and to find a solution to the dispute between the Presidential Council and the Houthis. on the passports that led to the faltering resumption of commercial flights through Sanaa International Airport. “

He explained that international efforts also focus on opening roads in Taiz and the rest of the governorates to alleviate the suffering of civilians and enable them to have the right to freedom of movement.

And he added: “Access to the city of Taiz now takes 10 hours, during which civilians experience difficulties and dangers on the mountain roads, after reaching the city it only took a few minutes.”

He also stressed that “the continuation of the siege imposed on the city of Taiz by the Houthis is not acceptable”.

The British ambassador urged the parties in conflict in Yemen to proceed with the completion of the arrangements on the exchange of prisoners and to respect the principles of human rights and international conventions.

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