British army chief warns risk of casual war with Russia is bigger than it was during the Cold War

“L just think we in a lot more competitive world then we even 10 of were 15 years ago. And I think the nature of the competition between states and great powers, leads to greater tensions. And I think that die tension the thing is that one must look for”Gen. Nick Carter, Chief” of the UK defense staff, said: in an interview because of air on sunday according to a news message sent to CNN.

Carter compared the current situation with last times in to be military career since 1978. “When you and I grew up, it was bipolar world. Two blocks: Soviet Union and the West. We then went for a period in where it was unipolar, and the United States was completely preeminent,” he told journalist Tom Newton Dunn.

“And I think we now in being a period when it… more multipolar, and I think in a multipolar world with people competitive for different objectives and on different calendars, there is a bigger one risk of voltage leading to the species of things we like over have,” said the general said.

General Nick Carter arrives at a service in Westminster Abbey, London, on the occasion of its centenary of the Royal Air Force.

Carter warned politicians against provoke unnecessary escalation and “be careful that” people don’t end up allow the bellicose nature of some of U.S politics to end up in a position where escalation leads to miscalculation.”

“A lot of of the traditional diplomatic tools and mechanisms die you and I have developed up with in the Cold War; these are no more. And without die tools and mechanisms there is a greater risk that these escalations of this escalation lead to miscalculation. So I think that’s the real challenge we have to face with,” the general said.

Satellite photos give rise to concern of Russian military build-up in  near Ukraine
Wanted of he believes Russia is involved? in the migration crisis at the EU-Belarus border, the general said he didn’t know, but that “nothing would surprise him”.

“Because I think the modern environment, and this changing character of conflict and warfare die I have described, opens up the possibilities for people until use in in all respects of different tools and tactics and techniques to try to pursue our cohesion,” he said added.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has denied any involvement in the border crisis, saying: on Saturday that his country had “nothing to do” with the.”

“L want to tell you one more thing. l want everyone to know. We ain’t got nothing to do with the. Everyone is trying to impose responsibility on us for each reason and for new reason not at all,” Putin said in the interview with state-owned company news channel Russia 24.

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