British defense: the fall of the city of Kremena in eastern Ukraine

Russian forces continue their operation in Ukraine today, Tuesday, focusing on the destruction of the military capabilities of the Ukrainian army and the liberation of the lands of Donbass, as NATO countries step up their economic, military and moral support in Kiev, with the entry of the 62nd day of Operation Russian military in Ukraine.

In the latest developments, the British Defense Ministry announced the fall of the city of Kremena in eastern Ukraine and claimed that Russian forces were trying to besiege the fortified positions in eastern Ukraine.

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The governor of the Russian region of Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said through the messaging application “Telegram” that the village of Golovchino in the region was subjected to Ukrainian fire on Tuesday morning, which resulted in the destruction of several buildings, without providing prove.

Gladkov had said hours earlier that at least two people had been injured in an attack on another village in the area.

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He did not specify whether the attacks were artillery bombardments, mortar rounds or missiles. The authenticity of these reports could not be verified.

And the American magazine Politico had published a report indicating that, with the start of its attack on the Donbass, Russia targeted Western arms shipments, fuel depots, supply lines and infrastructure. in Ukraine, while firing missiles at five railway structures used to transport vital supplies to the Ukrainian army.

The magazine quoted former Pentagon official Mick Mulroy as saying the battle for Donbass would be decided primarily on the basis of logistics.

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